How To Have A White Sofa With Toddlers Around

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There is just something so beautiful about a white sofa. It’s sleek, stylish, and it goes with everything. Except, perhaps, toddlers.

White sofas, or white anything, come to that, and grubby, sticky toddlers who love to climb and explore as they make their way in the world are not the ideal companions and most parents would rather forego the idea of their ideal white sofa and instead choose something that might not look quite as gorgeous, but is eminently more practical. 

But it doesn’t have to be that way. Whether you want a white sofa because it’s going to match just right with the white sideboard in your living room, or you saw someone on TV with one, or you’ve just always had a dream of a bright white couch, do you really have to not have nice things because you’ve got small children? No. The truth is you can have both, and here’s how to handle it. 

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No Food 

This rule should be a simple one to keep control of; no food on the sofa. If no one is eating on it, no one is going to drop food on it. And why not make the rule an even easier one to follow, and only have food in the kitchen? Start this idea early, and none of your children will ever feel they are being hard done by if they can’t munch their snacks on the white material you’re trying to take such good care of. 

Remember, though, this rule applies to everyone, not just the little ones. Adults are just as likely to drop food as anyone else (although perhaps not quite as likely to rub the mess into the cushions), so they need to eat in the kitchen too. Plus it’s just not fair for the kids to see you enjoying food in a place they’re not allowed to. Be fair – one rule for all. 

Clean Those Hands 

Even if the food is never allowed anywhere near the sofa, dirty toddler hands can still be a problem. Food, mud, felt tip pen, no matter what’s on their hands, it could easily end up on the white material. 

So, hands need to be cleaned regularly throughout the day. Not only is this good for your sofa, but it’s also good hygiene anyway, especially now when it’s such an easy yet potentially life-saving thing to do. Have wet wipes on hand for spot cleaning, and show the kids how to use soap and water in the right way for the other times they need to get clean. 

Use Throws 

Throw blankets can look lovely, and even though you might not want them on the sofa at all times – after all, they would somewhat defeat the object of having the beautiful white sofa at all – if you’re worried that a mess might be made, then they can be brought out of the cupboard and layered over the couch until they can be gathered up and put away again. 

It’s a literal added layer of protection, and you might even find that you like the look so much you keep them there all the time. 

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