Guest post: Reasons Why Kids Need To Spend Time With Their Grandparents

I juggle too many things at once so it is understandable that I spend less time with my little one.  Getting childcare is another headache of an issue so I opted to approach the next best nannies that I know – my parents a.k.a my kid’s grandma and grandpa.

I initially thought that I would only be getting my hands free because they lovingly look after my baby.  Little did I know that my son will be getting a slew of benefits from spending time with them. 

This post aims to discuss the reasons why it is important for kids to spend time with their grandparents.  Furthermore, we are under the threat of a global pandemic that forced us to stay cooped up inside our homes for a long period.  Now, isn’t this one more reason to keep in touch with them?

Anyhow, below are the perks that kids get when they hang out with their grandparents.


Mom and dads, specially those with full-time jobs, are often running low on energy.  More often than not, they just want a hot shower or spend some quiet time after a long day from work.  This does not happen in real life though because parents need to attend to their family’s needs. 

Grandparents, on the other hand, still have the patience and energy (assuming they are already retired) to play with kids.  With gramps to the rescue, little children will still have moments of fun no matter what time of day.    

Do you notice how easy it is for grandparents to make babies smile?  I don’t know what kind of magic they possess that even the grumpiest of little ones break out a smile and then laugh.  We can often see images of grandparents tickling kids into oblivion or playing hide-and-seek. 

All those activities make the grandchildren feel special and loved while giving the parents time to unwind.  It’s actually a win for everyone.

Woman Holding Baby Near Window


Children are naturally curious specially about their parents’ childhood so they can always ask their grandparents about this.  Your old folks can provide your children a peek of your past – funny stories and accounts that they can get valuable lessons from. 

This helps them better understand you and your experiences in life, while bonding with grandparents over storytelling.


Based on a study in United Kingdom, it was shown that children who constantly interact with grandparents are less vulnerable to behavioral and emotional issues.  Furthermore, they are doing well in terms of processing their feelings and emotions as the lessons imparted through story time make the kids strong.

So if you want happier children (and adults in the future), let them visit their grandparents whenever you can take them.


In a study conducted, it was found that close bond between grandkids and grandparents lessened symptoms of depression for everyone in the relationship.  According to the grandparents, they feel that they are still valuable as they can still support their grandchildren, and that they fully understood their feelings.


I often hear and see young kids make fun of old people, and it just irks me.  How can these kids mock and taunt old people like they don’t have grandparents?  For me, it is downright disrespectful of wisdom and experiences.  How can this be happening today?

But when grandparents are involved with their grandchild’s lives, kids can learn how to adjust and deal with people of different ages.  They will learn that getting old is a big part of our lives and there’s nothing wrong about it.  Kids are also more empathetic and kind when they share a loving and healthy relationship with your parents.


Let’s face it.  Our parents have a lot of skills that we don’t have.  Many of us can’t cook while our moms (or dads) can whip up an entire course singlehandedly and without the help of internet.  I know, I can relate to that.

The skills that they have may be interesting to our children and can be helpful for them in the future if they learn it.  Or better yet, the grandkids can teach their grandparents how to use the technology that we have today.  This activity teaches them patience and endurance which is great for developing their personality.  Again, they can bond and reconnect during this time.

With the list that we have today, it is clear that time well spent with grandparents is not only going to lead to loads of wholesome fun, but also incredible benefits such as higher emotional intelligence and lower depression rates.

Amazingly, the perks of healthy relationships of kids with their grandparents are positive and limitless.  So why don’t you let your kids visit them over the weekend?

Elkyra Park  is a first-time mom who can no longer count how many baby products she has reviewed for her sanity and her son’s sake.  She discusses about the realities of parenthood and how to gracefully cope with the struggles over at

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