Car seat safety; Resisting the temptation to rush through the stages

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I’ve written before about the minefield that is car seats, and despite being eight years along the road of motherhood, there is still a bit of confusion and ambiguity about the do’s and don’ts of car seat selection.

Our two daughters have had very different weight profiles – with Tigs being a solid little baby who moved from group 0 at around one, and was in group two by the time she started pre school. I don’t remember it ever being an issue as such – she hit the weight milestones and seem to follow suit with all her peers.

The Mouse has been a very different kettle of fish. Despite being healthy and with PLENTY of energy, she has always had a much slighter frame (and appetite) to her big sister, and as such was way way later in transitioning from her newborn seat (group 0) on to the forward facing upright and at five years old is still way off the milestone weight to come out of her five point harness and on to the seatbelt strap option.

We had to replace Tigs’ group 1 car seat and in doing so had decided to go for a group 1-2-3 for the Mouse. I guess one of the parenting lessons we learnt along the way is that if you can buy one good child safety seat instead of three then that’s always a bonus. Here you find good Child safety seats

What we hadn’t anticipated, is that almost four years on we would be still be strapping in our school girl into her five point harness.

What we do realise however, is that convenience, peer pressure and impatience are not reasons to move your child into the next stage car seat too early.

We even made sure that we took a group one car seat to the USA earlier this year, knowing that the mouse wasn’t quite hitting that 15kg mark. Despite thinking in January she might make it there by our Easter trip, she is still only 14.4 Kg at the year end.

If in doubt, most car seats have the weight restrictions clearly labelled on them, and you can always check the current child safety seat guidelines online.

If I could do it all again, I probably would have made use of the rear facing car seats which have become more commonplace at type 1, and were almost unheard of eight years ago.

I have to admit, I’m still not entirely clear at which stage car seats become redundant altogether, or when a booster seat alone is okay, but I’ll be sure to keep on top of the latest advice for each stage as it’s needed. The law can change after all, as can safety advice.

And in the meantime, perhaps we need to prepare the Mouse for the fact we’ll be dropping her off for her prom in a booster seat 😉


Disclosure: Collaborative post

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