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Mum life.

It bonds us, divides us, all too often defines us and sometimes tries to break us.

And for that reason there is something very special in those AHA moments when you realise someone else ‘gets it’. It’s the very feeling that I wanted to create when I started Mum Muddling Through and the same vibe I clung on to, never wanting to let go, when I met the incredible Mum mates I met when I’d just had my first daughter.

I first heard An Mother’s If’ when a friend of mine, the author told me he had written something that he wanted to share.

With a little support and encouragement, I couldn’t be prouder to introduce to you, a wider audience, to his tribute to modern motherhood, A Mother’s ‘If’.

The author realised his wife’s unique role in the family and in society and now he hands A Mother’s If to Mothers world over. To make them smile, to send to their mum, to share with their Mum Tribe, to tweet to their followers and to spread the Mum Love.



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