Creating a sleep friendly kid’s bedroom

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When our children are very young, sleep is one of our top concerns. Or, more specifically, a lack of it. Whatever we’re told, whatever we expect, and even if we’ve already been through it with older children, somehow the sleepless nights of those first few weeks and months always comes as a bit of a shock. 

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4 Tips for Searching for a Family-Friendly Home

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When moving house, there is plenty to consider and be mindful of, and usually it runs much deeper than just the budget.

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1000 days alcohol free

Sober milestones are pretty hard to come by once you pass the first day, week, month, quarter and year. That annual soberversary takes so long to come around and although it’s a special moment to reflect on the time gone by, you have to look a little bit harder for the moments to cheer yourself on.

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The Oddities About Lockdown Fitness

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Gyms reopened last months to British fitness enthusiasts. However, if you’ve been cautious about heading back to the gym just right now, you are not on your own. A lot of people have chosen to carry on with their lockdown fitness routine for a little longer.

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How to take care of yourself following surgery

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For some, the idea of recovering after surgery is a daunting thought. This might be due to the fact that surgeries only occur in more severe medical instances. Luckily we’re equipped with great technology and, in most cases, the best doctors to solve your medical issue.

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Muddling through the midweek meal planning with Simply Cook (Ad) + £1 trial

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There was a time I loved to cook. Hovering around in the kitchen creating meditteranean platters, spicy curries and obscure vegetarian dishes packed with flavour and texture.

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Writing a book

I’ve been fairly quiet on the blog over the last twelve months or so. Life has been somewhat strange over the course of the pandemic. We have thrown ourselves into work, keeping the kids on the straight and narrow and making the weekends and evenings a time to relax. Frankly, I also haven’t had much to say.

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Seven Tips for taking care of your hair

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We all want to have a good amount of hair on our heads, right? For many of us, our head of hair can be a significant part of our features and it can also give us our identity in a way.

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A guide to choosing the perfect wedding venue

One of the biggest decisions facing any couple that have recently got engaged is where to get married! There are lots of things that you will need to consider when choosing your ideal venue and for some people the task can seem daunting and overwhelming. The main thing to remember is that it’s your day and you need to find somewhere that you both love and that represents you both as a couple.

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Four ways to up your home’s curb appeal

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If there is one thing that most homeowners concentrate on, it’s the interior of the home. Not only will they focus on it, but they often neglect the exterior in favor of the interior. The thing is, if you’re ever in the position where you plan to sell your house, you need to be paying attention to the exterior of the house. You have to know that when people see the house from the outside that they will love what they see.

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