Twenty years at Bluewater

This week I was sent a press release from the team behind Bluewater, sharing the details of their twenty year celebrations. Because when you start a blog that’s the random kind of stuff which comes into your inbox.

It did get me thinking though, twenty years. Where did that go?

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Returning to work – habits to help make working work for you

*collaborative post

This spring, I am making the daunting step back into the world of being a working Mum. It’s something I’m both excited and terrified about for a whole spectrum of reasons, but the number one worry on mind is how on earth I’m going to stay on top of everything life throws at us as a family of four, with a smaller window of time and having to share my focus between home life and career.

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#MUMATHON On your marks, get set, go…

Back in February I committed publicly to take on a physical challenge to raise awareness, and hopefully hard cash, for a charity close to my heart; #TeamMum. more “#MUMATHON On your marks, get set, go…”

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Is self catering the right choice for you?

*contributed collaborative post

When going on holiday, you have a wealth of different accommodation options to choose from. You can stay in an all-inclusive five-star hotel. You can opt for a cozy small bed and breakfast. You can go for a self-catering cottage. The options are endless. Nevertheless, this article reveals why you should definitely consider going down the self-catering route. There are a lot of benefits to be gained by going for this type of accommodation.

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This isn’t just any Pancake… Review of Marks and Spencers Food Pancake Day range

*collaborative post featuring gifted items

***KLAXON*** Pancake day, or Shrove Tuesday, is next week guys. That’s Tuesday 5th March 2019. Had you remembered? Well NOW is the time to add flour, eggs and milk to your shopping list, or an ‘add milk and shake’ jobby, or even check out some of the super easy and delicious options that require a simple prick and ping for the ultimate in pancake convenience.

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5 things I never thought I’d hear myself say #SoberLiving

When I made a passing comment last week about considering going vegetarian, the look on Dad Muddling Through’s face said it all. I get it though, I do, because over the last half a year, he must wonder who this person stood before him is, and what the hell happened to his wife.

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Improving Your Kitchen

*Contributed collaborative post

As the saying goes the kitchen is the heart of the home, and many people would certainly like to believe that that is the case. Whether your kitchen is small or large you can make it the real focal point in your home. more “Improving Your Kitchen”

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Returning to work – Who will love my children

During my time as a stay at home Mum, the theoretical idea of returning to work has been a constant conversation in my mind. If I were to go for it, what would I do about the kids? How would they cope? Who would take care of them? How much would it cost? The questions of course were never truly answered because it’s very difficult to conclude anything until you actually get a job. It’s a chicken and egg situation which didn’t really need an answer. Until now.

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Baby Born Little Sister Mermaid review

Just last month we transformed our youngest daughters bedroom into an under the sea mermaid paradise, complete with coral reef, sparkling walls and fish hanging from the ceiling.

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Six months alcohol free. Spot the difference…

While we’re all grumbling about how long this winter has dragged on, and how the summer feels FOREVER ago, I’m quietly celebrating just how long ago August was, because it’s been an extraordinary six months since I decided to embark on a personal experiment of a life alcohol free.

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