Saving all my love for you…Returning to work and separation anxiety

It’s four weeks in, and the question I’ve been bombarded with for four and a half years (“Do you think you’ll go back to work?”) has been well and truly replaced with “How is the new job going”?

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Always stay attached ; Fun times with good friends at @GoApeTribe @LeedsCastleUK

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As a parent it’s all too often you hear the phrase “The kids have got a better social life than me”. And boy don’t we know it. Bowling, trampolining, swimming, parties (and then more parties), play dates, sleepovers, clubs, PTA events… need I go on? more “Always stay attached ; Fun times with good friends at @GoApeTribe @LeedsCastleUK”

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What makes a less than brilliant home?

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Look on any blog dealing in family, home or lifestyle topics and you’re bound to find more than one article about renovating the interior of your home. I’m not here to criticize that – it’s amazing how so much advice could be freely given online, even if some of it might be motivated affiliate marketing. However, by this point you could type ‘home decor tips’ and return thousands of articles basically saying the same thing. ‘Keep things clean, organized, tidy. Consider your clutter, the navigability of the room, and the lighting therein.’ At some point, it becomes common knowledge.

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How to choose the right home for your family

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Choosing a house when you have kids in tow, can quite frankly be a bit of a nightmare! Viewings, childcare, timings and your wishlist can create a bit of a monster task ahead of you. By contrast, when you think back, selecting a new home before little people invaded your life was a breeze. Things certainly get a little trickier when you’re no longer hunting for a party pad, but instead searching for a home that can accommodate your fast-growing brood.

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If you like Pina Coladas…Can you really enjoy an alcohol free holiday?

Like weddings, pub gardens, Christmas, Friday evening, Curry houses, roast dinners, hen parties, any parties; being on holiday is just one of those dreamy visions that’s always been incomprehensible to imagine without the standard alcoholic beverage in hand.

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The best types of investment for your family

*contributed collaborative post

I think deep down we all know that materialistic gratification can only last so long as new things will lose their shine and we will lose our interest. Never was a truer word said when it comes to kids and new ‘stuff’. There are some things we shouldn’t spend so much money on and instead of buying items that will eventually be obsolete, spending it on something that will make lasting memories is far more valuable.

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Paris; A love affair

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When I recently heard the news about the Notre Dame fire in Paris, I felt as though a little piece of my history had been destroyed. I’m sure anyone who has a link to the stunning architecture of Paris, or shared happy memories there can relate. For me? It’s the place that Dad Muddling Through got down on one knee (blink and you’d have missed it), retrieved a ring (box and all) from his sock and asked me to be his wife.

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Helping children through change

Change and parenting go together hand in hand. New nurseries, schools, friends, clubs, teachers…

Somehow this latest chapter of ‘Mum returning to work‘ we are navigating feels the hardest yet. (Don’t they all?).

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Amazing Hobbies For Mums

*Contributed collaborative post

As a Mum you might feel as if you are being pushed from pillar to post on a daily basis with no real chance to let go. Any parent has a huge amount of responsibility towards their children and when you are looking after yourself, a child, your family and working too: things can become overwhelming very quickly.

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Adding a Relaxation Space to Your Family Garden

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Is there anything better than relaxing outdoors in the summertime? Sitting with a good book and a cold drink? Feeling the warmth on your skin and letting go of your worries is a fantastic thing; It can help you to relax and unwind at the end of a hard day. That is the beauty of having a garden to enjoy in the warmer months.

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