Parenting Perfection vs Reality with @Sudocrem (Ad)

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Social media can be a double edged sword when it comes to parenting. On one hand it’s a place to find your tribe, laugh along with the memes and find the other parents muddling through… yet on the other, it’s a highlight reel of peoples perfect lives which can take you down as quick as you can say #PinterestPerfect.

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Coronavirus UK; Should we be worried?

I wasn’t planning on writing a post about Coronavirus, but it increasingly feels like the elephant in the room which there is no avoiding, so as a working Mum, I’m sharing my current fears and thoughts about what is unfolding on a global scale with each passing day.

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School girl crush

The inspiration for this post came in the shape of the week it took me to get over Harry Styles performance at The Brit awards 2020. You see, despite knocking on 40, every now and then I have a tendency to get all unnecessary about a public figure that makes me feel like a seventeen year old who plasters their walls with posters of the latest dream boat. My teenage walls were floor to ceiling with Dec off of Ant and Dec, who back then could be found sporting some floppy curtains and baggy trousers.

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#WorldBookDay 2020; The Penguin Party by @annabeesbooks

It’s World Book Day today, as if you didn’t know.

Even those of you without children won’t be able to escape the social media shares of kids dressed as Where’s Wally, The Worst Witch, Harry Potter or The Gruffalo (What’s a gruffalo?).

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@TheLittleWelly Kids muddy run in #Kent + #Giveaway + Discount Code

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Back in the early autumn of last year I took part in my first ever muddy run, and I have to say, I totally get why they have become such a huge thing. After all, when else can you live the reality of Saturday night TV style obstacles, with the sensation of achievement that comes with any physical challenge, and a truckload of mud to boot.

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Working Mum Life… can we muddle through with one car?

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We made the bold leap to having one family car back in 2012, when our daughter was less than a year old and we had realised 50% of our vehicle assets were sitting stationary on our driveway most of the time.

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Worry, worry, worry…is it par for the course of parenthood?

Raising a family at a time when information is right at your fingertips has it’s advantages. After all, how would we have coped without Dr Google letting us know the correct temperature for a babies room, that yellow poo is totally normal, and of course where to go for support and motherhood camaraderie (hello you lot).

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#MuseumOfTheMoon comes to #Kent @rochestercathed @lukejerram

If you are based in Kent and you haven’t seen a moon selfie on your social media feed over the last week, then you must be living on… the moon?

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#AMothersIf @amothersif

Mum life.

It bonds us, divides us, all too often defines us and sometimes tries to break us.

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How to make the most of your hotel stay

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We LOVE to a stay in a good hotel. However, we are not always entirely sure of how to make the most out of it. The thing is that when it comes to staying at a hotel you can leave your cares (and laundry bin) at home and embrace the life of luxury for a night or two…

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