More about the muddle #Blogging101 homework

In an attempt to master this thing, I’ve signed up for a mini course in blogging aka Blogging101. So homework is to tell you a little about me.

Allow me to introduce myself, Mrs G. Mum of Baby-G age 8 months and Toddle-G age 3.5. Wife and social PA of Mr G for 10 years and counting.

I’m a professional going through redundancy whilst on maternity leave; A party animal in retirement; An exhausted domestic goddess wannabe; A modern day bohemian tree hugger. (Those who know me know I’m partial to a person hug too).

There’s a catch. I don’t want to tell you too much about me as I have some issues about the privacy and protection of my kids, and my family bubble. In fact I’m still on my Facebook blackout, having overcome the FOMO (fear of missing out) and embracing the JOMO (joy of missing out) a couple of years ago. I’m not doing this for any publicity. So why am I doing this you ask?

Firstly, I’m looking for something to channel my brain into before it turns to mush. I’ve always liked writing….a complaint letter, an appraisal, a drawn out birthday card so it’s something I’ve thought about doing.

Secondly, and more importantly, the Internet has been a prop to lean on during the darker times since entering parenthood. Many a topic has been googled, from high temperatures, to weaning. TTC to pains during pregnancy.  Signs of early pregnancy, signs of labour, signs of PND ( which fortunately, I don’t think I had by the way). So here’s my chance to say Thank you, and offer something back to the community of mums muddling through; knowing you’re not alone at 3am, or in that mid week, mid afternoon lonely dip.

Our amazing kids keep us going 99% of the time. But if you’re in that struggling 1% moment, this is for you.

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