‘I am the mum who’…..blog inspired by Laura Summer, Blogging 101 homework!

So today’s blogging 101 homework challenged me to write a blog inspired by another blogger, which I commented on yesterday. I read many, but this one stuck in my mind, from www.laurasummer.co.uk, Laura’s lovely blog. It’s a fun meme on what kind of mum she is which she was nominated for by another blogger. I’ve seen a few of these ‘chain letter’ style blogs now and they are a great way to get your blog out there, and get introduced to new great writers.

Laura’s blog got me thinking. What kind of mum am I?

I am the mum who…….

  • Was told She probably wouldn’t have children, and spent a whole week crying and reevaluating her future before finding out she was pregnant, 10 days later.
  • Named her children after beautiful things in the world around us. Loves nature, and was inspired by the wonder of the planet we live in. She doesn’t look like your average bohemian by the way, she tries to keep on trend but on an off day you’ll find her in skinny jeans and her beloved gandys flip flops.
  • Will be first on the karaoke, singing an 80s rock ballad, and last to leave the party, which is not complete without some serious drunk dancing.
  • Kisses her girls before bed every night with the same mantra, which now, is recited back …”I love you every day”. 
  • Wants so badly to relax, but can’t remember how to.
  • Sees the world in a series of ‘photo opportunities’, capturing every image in her mind and wishing She had a camera to hand.
  • Has always worked hard in her education and career, and is scared about what the future holds as a stay at home mum. She is trying to embrace the opportunities but wonders how she’ll cope.
  • Doesn’t do anything by halves. Includes friendship, worrying, loving, working, shopping, and most recently, blogging.
  • Spends half her time feeding one daughter, and the other half trying to get the other to eat.
  • Thinks out loud, which has landed her in hot water way too many times.
  • Could spend all day watching her two children giggle at each other, and probably should, more often.
  • Kissed lots of frogs, but married her prince. Her best friend. Her soul mate. The best dad a kid could ask for. He’s ageing well, which is a bonus.
  • Is so lucky to have a huge network of family, and friends, yet struggles to ask for help.
  • Feels life is complete with her 2 healthy children in her arms. Yet can’t quite get rid of the baby stuff.
  • Has no idea what she is doing sometimes, and constantly looks for reassurance by talking everything through to anyone who’ll listen.
  • Loves to remember her pre baby days, but in all honestly was ready to grow up, and wouldn’t change a thing.

That’s me, in a nutshell. ‘Just’ a mum, muddling through x 


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