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Welcome to the second edition of #coolmumclub: Meet the Members, featuring our favourite expectant Mummy…You can check out Beauty, baby & Me blog here, and follow Fi’s twitter feed here. Let’s say a big hello, good luck and all get a little bit excited about our first #coolmumclub baby!

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Hi Everyone,

First of all huge thanks to MumMuddlingThrough for creating #coolmumclub! It’s fantastic to be

able to link up with you all and I hope this post will give you a bit of an insight into me and my


About Me

OK, so straight into it. My name is Fi and I am a 32 year old first time Mummy to be! I have

always absolutely loved writing and after a bit of  a rough time last year when I was a bit down, I

used writing as an outlet and I was so happy to find it was really well received! So when I found

out I was pregnant I thought why not combine the two; they are both things I am really

passionate about and I love that some of the items I write about help others. I am a very honest

writer and I think this reflects really well in my blog; I see it that as Mums and Mums to Be we are

all in it together and to be honest about doubts, fears and anticipation helps readers identify with



Beauty Baby and Me 

After some lovely encouragement from my husband, BeautyBabyandMe was born! I wanted to

make the website varied with blog posts and pages on beauty, including product reviews,

fashion, pregnancy and baby, again including product reviews and also posts on various subjects

that are pregnancy related, as well as my own personal pregnancy journey blog. I think one of

the most important things to me was to make my blog relateable and myself approachable. I

certainly wouldn’t want to come across as any sort of “know it all”! I write from my own personal

point of view and I try to do so in the way that I know I’d enjoy reading myself.

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The Aim

I adore writing my blog. I am so proud of it and the feedback it has received. I’ve had a few

people ask me to continue to write it after my little one arrives and I 100% will, probably even

more so than I do now (baby permitting!). I want to continue blogging my journey into

mummyhood as I find it a really therapeutic outlet, getting your thoughts and feelings down on

paper and using that honesty to help others with queries or in similar situations. And I think it will

help me to cope if and when any challenging times arise. I think there are lots of other Mums out

there going through this huge life changing journey together and to be able to read about

someone who is going through similar trials and tribulations, I hope, will be of comfort

and hopefully my style of writing will make people laugh a bit too. It means so much when I get

comments from readers saying they’ve found what I’ve written helpful or it’s cheered them up.

And I think that’s my aim in general.


Being a first time Mum I am going to have so much to learn and I’ve no doubt I am going to make

mistakes along the way. But I hope that as I go along, and using mothers instinct, I will learn from

mistakes and it’ll help me to reassure others that this is all perfectly normal. I do realise that so

many mothers feel some sort of guilt; the worry of whether they are doing everything right, how

will they ever learn everything, and of course the comparison to other mums!  And that is one of

my own personal big worries. Throughout pregnancy, you’re already being given so many

peoples opinions and that alone can send you into such a massive headspin! So I can only

imagine what it’s like when you have the baby and you start to hear all the stories of “oh my baby

slept through the night from day one”, and “breastfeeding is easy I don’t know why people have

such an issue doing it”. Immediately it put mums under pressure, and this is not what new mums

should be subjected to in those early days of motherhood. My aim with my blog is with my

honesty, I can help other new mums identify with these sorts of issues and handle them in a

positive way.

Of course I also do reviews and recommendations on my blog; I love beauty products and make

up and I enjoy trying new products. The way I see it, all us mums and mums to be need a little

pampering now and then, and I try to be realistic with the products I review and use; we can’t all

afford Dior and Creme De La Mer!!

I think one of the most important things to me about my blog is, as cheesy as this may sound, is

that I want to make people smile. I want people to enjoy reading it and come away thinking “that

really helped me” or “that really cheered me up”. I have to say I am loving the blogging

community and getting to know fellow pregnancy and mummy bloggers and I love reading all

their blogs. I love that there is no competition; every one is in support of one another and each

blogger has a different stand out point about their writing that makes you genuinely excited about

reading each of their posts! And if I can be as successful as that and give my readers that same

feeling, I will be so proud of myself.

It is still very early days in terms of my blog and I am still learning a lot! I have quickly learnt it’s

not as easy as getting a few followers and off you go, it’s about creating your own identity within

the massive blogging community!  But I love doing it and the support from fellow bloogers (and a

huge thank you especially to Mum Muddling Through for all the advice and support) makes a

huge difference.  I can’t wait to further my blogging journey and I hope it will continue to be

successful and that you all continue to enjoy my honesty and humour. Xxx

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