#coolmumclub: Meet the Members…Rhyming with wine

I’m so excited to hit publish on this weeks Meet the Members guest post series. I absolutely love Dawns blog; Rhyming with Wine. She is a very gifted writer who has the ability to take a parenting subject, make it into a poem, and a hilarious one at that. Two skills in one there…genius. The first time I read this post I actually cried?! Maybe it was my hormones, or maybe it’s just a lovely, lovely read that will make you fall in love with her a tiny bit more. I’ll tell you what rhymes with wine Dawn…divine, fine, sublime…shall I go on? 

Oooh…We also have a bit of an exclusive reveal… Dawn is even more gorgeous than her avatar…


We all know that Thursdays are ever so #Cool,
And I wish I’d known all you #Coolmums back in school!

I received a nice comment from Mum Muddling Through,
Which said that: She’d quite like to feature me too!
And though I am nothing, if not quite a tryer,
My typing shot up one or two octaves higher!!
I froze on the spot, and I gave a small squeak,
And nothing came out when I started to speak…

You see I can rhyme on my kids all day long,
The moments I love, and the stuff that goes wrong,
I find I can write all these rhymes easily,
But I’ve never attempted a rhyme about me!?
I might try for “humour” and “sarcastic wit”,
But just end up typing a load of old *twoddle*??

So here is my rhyme, let’s just see how it goes…
It might share a giggle or snort, so who knows?

I met my fab hubby not six years ago,
And figured I’d give the whole wife thing a go.
And I’ll keep it quite short, lest you all start to snore,
But here we are now as a family of four!

But I started this “Mum” lark comparably late
As I’m edging my way now towards thirty eight,
And as each of these parenthood years come to pass,
I get slightly less “Horsey!” and slightly more “Ass!”

And I quickly worked out that this “Mum” malarkey,
Is not quite as smooth as it’s made out to be?
So I ditched all the books which were fluffy and nice,
And I started to search for some proper advice!

And there, like a shimmering light from above,
I found a “Mum Blog” and I fell straight in love.
And after I’d read for a good year or two,
I thought what the hell? I should have a go too?

But how to make reading it worth someone’s time?
“I know!” I figured, “I’ll write it in rhyme…

Now in all of my pics I look like a cartoon:


Which might leave you thinking I’m some sort of loon?
So I thought I might do an exclusive “reveal!”
Just so that you #coolmums all know that I’m real….

And whilst I am here I should also admit,
My “Boozy Mum” title’s a crock load of “Poop”
Whilst I’m “Rhyming with” and “Sending” Wine to you all…
*whispers*…. I really don’t drink much these days, if at all!
In fact, if I’m honest I’m now just “That Mum”
That falls on her face having sniffed a “Wine Gum”.

So you now know the truth, but you see, here’s the thing…
“Rhyming with Tea” doesn’t have the same ring?
(Dear Regular Readers: Please make no mistake,
I DO have a full time obsession with CAKE!!!)

I blog.
As whilst tough, these Mum years are quite short,
And I like to use blogging to capture each thought,
As I hope to look back on these silly short rhymes
And get to relive these quite magical times.

I hope that my tots also read when they’ve grown,
Though I think it’s more likely they’ll just cringe and moan!
But who cares if they think me a dotty old fool?
I know… Just today…
I’m officially #Cool!

Thanks all for reading, and thank you very much to Mum Muddling Through for letting me introduce myself through the fabulous #Coolmumclub.
“Sending Wine” 😉


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99 thoughts on “#coolmumclub: Meet the Members…Rhyming with wine

  1. rhymingwithwine Reply

    Eek! That’s me! On the t’interweb and everything!?

    Thank you so much for sharing my post lovely. I’m honoured to be #cool and in such good company! xx

  2. WhingeWhingeWine Reply

    As pretty as you are witty.
    Thank you, it gave me a giggle!

    1. rhymingwithwine Reply

      Thank you lovely! Too kind 🙂 x

  3. Agent Spitback Reply

    Aw, HELLO, Dawn! You are as gorgeous as your poems! Love your writing and your cake habit. We can officially be best blogging mates not that you have spoken of your public love for cake. Much blog love from Agent Spitback x

    Thanks for hosting, MMT

    1. rhymingwithwine Reply

      Yey to best blogging buddies! *does secret cake style handshake and makes the noise of a brownie being stuffed into face*. Thank you lovely lady! 🙂 x

  4. Robyn Reply

    Love your quick wit Dawn, it shows not just in your poems but all of your comments too! Great to hear (and see!) more of the cool mum behind Rhyming with Wine 🙂

    1. rhymingwithwine Reply

      Thank you Robyn! Such lovely comments from such fabulous bloggers. I’m honoured! Thanks lovely lady x

  5. Life Love and Dirty Dishes Reply

    Ahhh a gorgeous face to the name. Brilliant as always Dawn x #CoolMumsClub

    1. MMT Reply

      Isn’t it just! The face, and the brilliance…x

    2. rhymingwithwine Reply

      Thank you Claire! :0) x

  6. Ellie @ Hand Me Down Baby Reply

    That’s a fantastic rhyme, and so lovely to “meet” Dawn – beautiful indeed!

    1. rhymingwithwine Reply

      Thanks so much Ellie! 🙂 x

  7. beautybabyandme Reply

    Always been a huge fan of yours Dawn – your posts never fail to make me smile! Another fabulous read xx #coolmumclub

    1. rhymingwithwine Reply

      Thank you! Always thrilled to know that my posts have sent someone a smile 🙂 x

  8. dearmummyblog Reply

    My mummy’s name is Dawn too! We love these rhyming posts – so clever! #coolmumclub

    1. rhymingwithwine Reply

      Well it’s always lovely to “meet” another Dawn as there aren’t so many of us! Thanks to you and your mummy for your lovely comment x

  9. Mummyitsok Reply

    Hi! Big fan our your poems – always so honest and true to real life! #CoolMumClub

    1. rhymingwithwine Reply

      Thank you! I am probably a bit too honest for my own good. Gets me into trouble sometimes 😉 Thanks for your comment x

  10. Educating Roversi (@EducatingR) Reply

    As I’ve said before, you are so clever Dawn! Blogging excellently on behalf of the Wakey massive ☺️ #coolmumclub

    1. rhymingwithwine Reply

      Thanks lovely! Does this mean I can hold my head up high next time I’m on the Westgate Run? (Which will probably be in around 17 years and will be more of a shuffle). I’ll meet you there and there shall be wine! :0) x

  11. islandliving365 Reply

    Yaaaay a very worthy member indeed. I love Dawn and her rhymes, they always make me giggle. 🙂 x #coolmumclub

    1. rhymingwithwine Reply

      Thank you for your lovely comment 🙂 x

  12. 2teens1preteen Reply

    Yay it’s like finding out who is the Stig! Utterly brilliant and utterly gorgeous – love it! #coolmumclub

    1. rhymingwithwine Reply

      Eek! I’m like The Stig!! That has officially just made my year! Thanks so much! xx

  13. Emma Jones Reply

    Absolutely brilliant so nice to see you. #coolmumclub lifeinthemumslane

    1. rhymingwithwine Reply

      Thanks Emma. You always leave the nicest comments! 🙂 x

  14. gimmiefive Reply

    Fab, off to read some more on your blog!! Love it #coolmumclub

    1. rhymingwithwine Reply

      Yey thanks! I’ll get the kettle on for you… x

  15. mackenzieglanville Reply

    Always so talented!! Really, I mean poetry is hard!!! Lovely to see a photo too xx #coolmumclub

    1. rhymingwithwine Reply

      Thank you lovely, although I think I actually find rhyming makes it easier and I gives me some structure. I’d probably be a bit of a loose cannon without it haha. Thanks for your comment x

  16. Squirmy Popple Reply

    Love this! Your rhymes are so clever. And I know what you mean about not drinking much wine these days – as much as I love it, I only have the odd small glass occasionally. Any more than that and I just fall asleep! #coolmumclub

    1. rhymingwithwine Reply

      Oh god yes, how is it that I used to be able to drink all night and dance til 4am? Now I have one glass of wine and I can’t keep my eyes open? I’m with you on that. I’ll be the one in the club ordering a cappuccino for the boost! Thanks for your comment x

  17. absolutely prabulous Reply

    Ah bless you. Great job! I must admit I’ve written only three poems on my blog including a recent one for that Mark Warner thingy but much as I love it whenever I do, I couldn’t come up with it as regularly as you do. That is some pressure! It’s amazing that you set yourself that blog ‘theme’ and stick to it; really unique. This such an endearing post Dawn. There’s a warmth that shines through. #CoolMumClub

    1. rhymingwithwine Reply

      Thank you for such a lovely comment. I’ve just read it to my hubby like a proud toddler running home from nursery with a painting of a carrot! I think I actually find it easier to rhyme than to just write. It focuses me and gives me structure. I do wonder how many times I’ll be able to get away with rhyming “mum” with “bum” though and “tot” with “snot”! 😉 Thanks again x

  18. tinyweanymummy Reply

    Fab rhyme as ever. Love this blog. Thanks MMT for revealing the real Dawn. 🙂

    1. rhymingwithwine Reply

      Thanks very much! 😀 x

  19. Nat Reply

    Ah that was gorgeous at the end to put a face to the name! And the poem was amazing. Smiling to myself as I read it.

    1. rhymingwithwine Reply

      Thank you Nat. Always pleased to share a smile! (Not cake though. I don’t share that.) 😉 x

  20. anxiousmummyblog Reply

    I love this! What an amazing poem, I was smiling the whole time reading it. Also what a beautiful photo at the end with your little one, no way are you 37! You look amazing. Jemma x #coolmumclub

    1. rhymingwithwine Reply

      Thanks for such a lovely comment Jemma! You’ve made a cake loving 37 year old very happy! 🙂 x

  21. Michaela Reply

    I wish i can write rhymes like this, really good #CoolMumClub

    1. rhymingwithwine Reply

      Thanks Michaela x

  22. Mrs Lighty Reply

    Just popping back over from this week’s #coolmumclub…I absolutely love this entry! Xxx

    1. rhymingwithwine Reply

      Thanks lovely. Sending chocolate 🙂 x

  23. cherylbarry Reply

    Brilliant! You are so clever and it’s great to see a proper photo of you too! And can I just say you’re not old (says she 2 years older than you). I still very much love drinking wine! Well done. xx #CoolMumClub

    1. rhymingwithwine Reply

      You are right lovely! We’re not old! Bring out the wine! Cheers to that and thanks for your comment x

  24. The Pramshed Reply

    Love this and finding out a little more about you, I too can’t really drink much wine these days. Claire X #coolmumclub

    1. rhymingwithwine Reply

      Thank you Claire. Good to know I’m in good company. We can share a shandy! :0) x

  25. nightwisprav3n Reply

    You’re beautiful Dawn and your little one is adorable! I love your how great your poems are! This was a unique and creative way to introduce yourself. Wish I had thought of it, LOL! What a great post!

    1. rhymingwithwine Reply

      Thank you for such a lovely comment. I’m feeling quite emotional! Your Meet the Members post was brilliant! And your comments are always so thoughtful. Thanks again x

  26. This Mum's Life Reply

    DAWN!! I nearly peed myself then to actually get to see a picture of you!! Beautiful and a ridiculously talented writer?? I’m adding you to my list of people I’d like to be (which so far includes Beyoncé, Kate Middleton, and Cara Delevigne, among others!!) I’ve said to you before that your rhymes usually make me cry, whether they’re supposed to be funny or heartfelt. There’s just something about the way you write that touches me every time!! So lovely to read this, and see you!!

    1. rhymingwithwine Reply

      OMG! I nearly peed when I read your comment! I love it. I think I may need to print and frame it. Me! In the same sentence as Beyonce!? *does a happy dance with bonus Beyonce style booty shake*

      Thank you so much for this awesome comment! xx

  27. teacuptoria Reply

    Absolutely brilliant! It’s fab to meet you ladies, I love your blogs, great writing :

    1. rhymingwithwine Reply

      Thank you. It’s fab to meet you too! X

  28. Mrs Tubbs Reply

    That’s lovely and I finally get to see how beautiful you both are 😀

    1. rhymingwithwine Reply

      Thank you Mrs Tubbs x

  29. motherhoodtherealdeal Reply

    Haha brilliant lyrical genius as always from Dawn! Love it my fantastic #coolmumclub co-host. x

    1. rhymingwithwine Reply

      Thanks Talya, and thank you for being such a fab co-host! X

  30. Life as Mum Reply

    Awh what a gorgeous picture at the end! I love her blog xx

    1. rhymingwithwine Reply

      Thank you Beth 🙂 x

  31. sarahandlouisemumstheword Reply

    Lovely to *meet* you Dawn.. I’ll happily do the wine drinking on your behalf if needs be. Louise x

    1. rhymingwithwine Reply

      Hi Louise! Nice to meet you too! Thanks for your very kind offer. I’ll keep your number on speed dial just in case 😉 If I can ever help you out in a similar manner, you know like if you need a hand with some cake or anything, just shout! Xx

  32. Mimiroseandme Reply

    Brilliant what a fabulous way to introduce yourself…I do love your blogs.

    1. rhymingwithwine Reply

      Thanks for your lovely comment! X

  33. bumbismom Reply

    Awed by the rhyming skills! Awesome and most definitely cool! #coolmumclub

    1. rhymingwithwine Reply

      Thanks very much lovely! X

  34. wendy Reply

    I love this and Rhyming with Wine is one of my favourite blogs, I just love all of Dawn’s poems. Nice to get to know a bit more about you Dawn xx #coolmumclub

    1. rhymingwithwine Reply

      Thank you Wendy! I’m feeling quite emotional with all these lovely comments! X

  35. babiesbiscuitsandbooze Reply

    Oh I love this so much! Dawn, your blog is one of my favourites so it’s wonderful to read a bit more about you and to see your gorgeous face. You are so talented! #coolmumclub

    1. rhymingwithwine Reply

      Aw I’m thrilled to be one of your faves lovely! Thank you for such a fab comment x

    2. rhymingwithwine Reply

      Aw I’m thrilled to be one of your faves! Thanks for your lovely comment! 🙂 x

  36. ljdove23 Reply

    I love this!!! Fab poem and absolutely stunning lady!! Thanks for sharing! #coolmumclub

    1. rhymingwithwine Reply

      *blushes* Thank you so much! X

  37. Kate Tunstall, The Less-Refined Mind Reply

    Fab, love it! And great to see an exclusive reveal! 😉 xx

    1. rhymingwithwine Reply

      Just for you #coolmums as you’re the best! 😉

      Thank you for your comment x

  38. rhymingwithwine Reply

    Oh my goodness! I’ve just read these comments and I actually have tears in my eyes. Such beautiful comments from such amazing bloggers. This has made me even happier than cake!!

    I will reply to you all, but for now may I just say… Thank you! You #coolmums are all wonderful!

  39. Emma - meandbmaketea Reply

    Haha brilliant 🙂 Beautiful photo too! I’m sat here reading, with a glass of the good stuff 😉 x

    1. rhymingwithwine Reply

      Cheers to that lovely and thank you! X

  40. thesingleswan Reply

    he he. thanks for the giggles. Pen #coolmumclub

    1. rhymingwithwine Reply

      Always happy to share giggles! 🙂 x

  41. Annette Reply

    What a brilliant spin on ‘meet the member’! Another fabulous rhyme, and such a funny reveal about the wine.. I always knew about the cake hehe. You are too gorgeous for the avatar! #coolmumclub

    1. rhymingwithwine Reply

      Haha thanks lovely! I do love the avatar though. She always stays the same size no matter how much cake I inhale! 😉 xx

  42. Rachel (Lifeathomewithmrsb) Reply

    So clever and funny! #coolmumclub

    1. rhymingwithwine Reply

      Thank you! 🙂 x

  43. min1980 Reply

    Yay! One of my faves! And so amazing to see what you really look like-I thought you were a drawing?! Gorgeous little one in the pic too. xx

    1. rhymingwithwine Reply

      Aw thanks! Thrilled to be one of your faves! I kind of wish I did look like my avatar. At least her hair is always done? X

  44. Karen Reply

    Lovely reveal, how right you are that wine is out! I hardly drink at all, but see (hear) so many supposedly drink all the time. I just couldn’t! #coolmumclub

    1. rhymingwithwine Reply

      I did used to be quite a fan of the wine, but then children happened and now I’d generally *whispers* prefer a cup of tea!? Thanks for your comment! X

      1. MMT Reply

        I contemplated wine last night but decided in the end to have a brew… THANK GOD because I was up all night with the kids! That, is why I have to think it through before pouring..

        1. rhymingwithwine Reply

          Good call! It’s like the tea fairies were telling you something! I just know that after more than one glass of wine I’m barely capable of looking after myself nowadays. Let alone tiny humans! X

  45. DomesticatedMomster Reply

    Such talent you have! I always love hearing a little more about the peeps of the #coolmumclub. Thanks so much for sharing!

    1. rhymingwithwine Reply

      Thank you! I love this series too. The #coolmumclub is definitely where it’s at! X

      1. DomesticatedMomster Reply

        You should come join me for #momsterslink sometime :))

        1. MMT Reply

          Have totally been meaning to – just need more hours in the day! X

          1. DomesticatedMomster

            I totally understand that feeling!

        2. rhymingwithwine Reply

          I’d love to! I’ll check it out… Thanks! 🙂 x

  46. Becky, Cuddle Fairy Reply

    This is brilliant! Yay! Dawn it’s so nice to see your face! 🙂 I love your rhymes, they are so lovely to read. Thanks for sending wine – I could use some today!! #coolmumclub x

  47. Tall Mum in Manchester Reply

    Aw, I was counting on you about the wine thing. I’ve been craving it (well Prosecco mainly) during pregnancy and you gave me hope that it would still have a place in my future!!! I won’t give it up for special occasions, but it’s good to know there will always be the old faithful – which I guess will have to do for the other times!

    Yet another brilliant rhyme. In awe of your skill!

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