#coolmumclub: Meet the Members…Sugar and Spice and all things Spliced

Nicola has been a regular at the #coolmumclub linky since the beginning. I’ve really enjoyed her posts so far (my fave being ‘Let them be little‘ (#TeamTiny), although ‘Low Papp A‘ was one that really stayed with me too… I couldn’t have been more chuffed when she offered to contribute to this guest series, so I could find out a bit more about her bloggy background. I can certainly relate to how you describe loving writing Nicola…my old boss told me he had never read such a long Annual appraisal self assessment in his whole career 😉 Guess some of us were born to blog…

You can follow Nicolas blog ‘The chronicals of the new Lighty family’ here…or on Twitter (@MrsLighty) here.


Approximately six or so months ago, Mrs Lighty had one of her hair-brained ideas. “I know, why not combine this seemingly overwhelming task of being a new mummy, feeling like I don’t have a clue what I’m doing as a mother and questioning every decision I make with writing about it all?”, Mrs Lighty thought. Well, what could be simpler than combining a new little tiny person that demanded pretty much all of my time, attention and anxiety with a blog which would then consume the rest of my time, attention and would involve sharing my anxieties with the world?!

A very anxious new mummy therefore resurrected the blog site that had been registered four-an-a-bit years previously when I was newly married and intending to write about all the things that newly wedded bliss brings. And so All Things Spliced was born (again). Of course, four-and-a-bit years later, quite why I thought I’d now have the time to maintain my blog regularly with a newborn in tow, I don’t know, but that’s what sleep deprivation will do for a girl!

I guess I’ve always had a love of writing; a love of telling my story. Perhaps that’s a bit narcissistic, but it’s the truth. My school German teacher once told me that no one had ever kept in touch with their year 7 German penfriend right the way through to the sixth form – except for me. But I loved both receiving and writing those letters. When I later moved to Austria as part of my degree, I sent letters backwards and forward to friends, relatives and Mr Lighty alike. Whenever I could get to an internet café (blimey, how old am I?! Do internet cafés even exist nowadays?!) I’d convert those letters into mass emails sent to everyone back home. After Mr and Mrs Lighty got married, I committed our big day to internet print in the form of a wedding report for a popular magazine forum. And that’s what I used as my submission piece when I then went on to get my copywriting gig when I was made redundant a few months later.

It was my copywriting ‘boss’ (for want of a better word…I know, I’m a writer, and I should be able to come up with something better, but baby brain prevails!) that suggested I start a travel blog as a portfolio for my writing, which was where An Answer on a Postcard, Mrs Lighty’s original blog site, came from. I loved immortalising my travels – both from my then day job and my leisure trips with Mr Lighty – in the form of print. But after years of writing the site and even going on a travel writing course to learn a bit more about the technique, I just wasn’t getting anywhere with the blog, and so I never really took my blogging that seriously.

Until Baby Lighty was born, that is. I suddenly had the perfect excuse to write down all of my memories; to create a treasure chest of Baby Lighty’s life for him to look back on as he gets older. And more than this, I could chronicle exactly how I was feeling – particularly when I was at my most anxious as a new mummy – to not only see how far I had come, but also to hopefully help other new mums feeling the same way, too.


It started out tentatively at first. I shared my blog solely with the girls on my Facebook baby group. And when they were kind enough to say that they were enjoying what I was writing, I told my NCT friends. They have been so supportive, right from that very first day of sharing it with them, and if it hadn’t been for their positive feedback, the blog would probably have stayed pretty much private.

That is, until that one day when I was having a good mummy day: the dishwasher was loaded, I’d had two hot cups of tea and Baby Lighty was napping, and in a fit of braveness, I shared my little blog with the world (aka, Facebook). In my wildest dreams I did not expect the positive comments received by my family and friends, and later on, strangers, too. People were actually reading my blog! And not only that, but they seemed to be enjoying it! And better still, people were relating to it, either telling me that they’d been through what I was going through (and most likely, what I was worrying about that week) or that I’d made them feel better. And even though it’s not the most fantastic blog in the world, having not quite found my style with regards to the look of the site, and even though I still cringe just a little when someone says to me “I read your blog about such and such”, as it still feels like I’ve given my diary over to everyone to read, I feel so incredibly proud of what I’ve created.


And as part of this new mummy blogger life came with it a sudden plethora of new blogging friendships and the wonderful world of linkys. I tentatively started to join in with a few link ups a few months back – often making big blunders along the way – and have come to discover some fabulous blogs through them. I think it’s safe to say that quirky Mrs Lighty has never been ‘cool’ at anything, so to suddenly be accepted in the blogging world – and in particular within #coolmumclub – seems to be very cool indeed to me. What a lovely lot you fellow bloggers are!


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