#coolmumclub: Meet the members…Something Crunchy Mummy

It’s been three weeks since the last #coolmumclub meet the members and I’m thrilled to introduce Kirsty aka Something Crunchy Mummy. Host of one of my favourite linkies, Just another linky. 

Kirsty’s life parallels mine in lots of ways…stay at home mum, eldest about to start school, thinking about the big return to work later this year. Will we, won’t we? It’s definitely all about to change for us one way or another! 

Thank you Kirsty for sharing a little about yourself for the series – looking forward to meeting you at BML! 

x MMT 

Hey you lovely lot, I’m Kirsty! I wasn’t too sure where to start so I thought a hi would be the best place. I’m 28, married to Mr Crunchy Mummy (Mr C) and Mummy to two boys who are a handful, but I love them to bits. These handfuls are Finley, 4 and Noah, 2. Finley will be starting school in September so our lives and routine will be on the change, eek! They keep me on my toes and as you can imagine living in a house full of boys there is lots of running around and tidying to be done.

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Mr C and I have just celebrated our 4th Wedding Anniversary, we have been together for 12 years this years and he is the love of my life (corny I know!). We live in a little town in Wiltshire which we only moved to 2 months ago, we moved from a house we had owned for 9 years so was quite emotional but the best thing we have done for our family. Our house already feels like home and the little town is so friendly.

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I am a work at home Mum working for Mr C’s company doing their social media and advertising until the boys go to school and preschool in September when I will start to venture into the office and get back into working. I decided I wanted to stay at home and I was lucky enough that Mr C made it possible, as I wanted to spend as much time with the boys as I could and also financially we couldn’t afford nursery for two children as I would be working for nothing. This is just me and was my choice. Staying at home doesn’t come without it’s challenges as I sometimes feel like I need to prove myself and prove my worth but it is also very rewarding.

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I started my blog Something Crunchy Mummy in January 2015 after spending so much time reading blogs and just wanting to write. It has been the best thing I did as I get to vent and share the joys of parenting through my blog and I have also met some wonderful people. I write mostly about the boys and the adventures we have, as well as the struggles I face as a parent but I have also started to write a little bit about fitness. I am a complete novice when it comes to this subject but it is a part of my life that I love so it only feels right that I write about my fitness journey.

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About a year ago I started to co host #justanotherlinky with Beth at Life As Mum and it has been one of the best things I have done with my blog. It has got me reading blogs that I wouldn’t have done before and interacting with some really lovely people. I haven’t met a lot of the bloggers I talk to but I feel like I know them, that is the amazing thing about blogging it is a community and it is so welcoming.
I’m not sure where my blog is going at present because at the moment I am just enjoying writing and giving people an insight to our lives. It is also nice to know I have somewhere to look back on in years to come to remember these early years of the boys as they are hard but bloody amazing!
In my spare time (what is that?!) I like to run, this is my outlet and the place I can let off steam. If I have had a bad day and the boys have driven me potty, a good 30 minute run makes everything better just in time for their bath and bedtime! I also like to spend time with my close friends, I don’t have a big group of friends but the ones I do have are definitely keepers. They have been there through the tough times and they have also been there when I have been dancing in the street at 2 in the morning.

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I want to thank Sarah for asking me to take part in #CoolMumClub : Meet the members, I feel privileged to be on her blog and to have been asked to be a part of this cool gang!
Thank you for reading and loads of love!
Kirsty xx
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