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#coolmumclub Meet the members series isn’t only for the old timers. This week I’m having a bit of a blogger crush on Rock and Roses Mama, and when you read her entry you’ll know why. This is one Mum you’ll feel inspired by – and want to grab hold of your inner cool with both hands. She totally rocks…

Meet Rebecca, aka Rock and Roses Mama…and make sure you check out her pages: Blog, Instagram and twitter.


ps Need more entries! Come on… What’s stopping you? 


About me

So I am the rockin’ mama behind Rock and Roses Mama, I am a mama to my little prince, 2 and fiancé to my own rockstar; I am lucky enough to be marrying my guitarist rock god next year (cue lots of posts detailing how to deal with toddlers ruining your wedding dress and deciding during the speeches is the best time to have a meltdown)

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I am a 28 year old #mumboss wannabe with passions for fashion and textiles, all things vintage, nature, music and food (massive foodie fan over here!)

Fashion and textiles is what I am qualified in academically but despite many attempts to make it as a freelance designer I have always been shackled to the confines of retail management as it is all I have experience in career wise. After having the small man I was always insistent on returning to work after maternity leave and have done so on almost a full time basis. Recently decided that I wasn’t fulfilling my passions, that I was worth more than retail and that I wanted to spend more time with my son; something had to change with my working situation.

I have always secretly had a penchant for writing (I did consider a fashion journalism MA but funding is difficult when you are a working mama) and just needed to find my outlet.

Why I chose Rock and Roses Mama

After attending multiple ‘Life with Baby’ and ‘Baby Yoga’ classes with fellow new mamas, I realised that there is something about having a baby that makes most women feel that they have to become ‘The Mother’ figure, and only that. I have always thought that when I became a mother I would culture my child by weaving him or her into my life to experience amazing things and places.


One class in particular saw me utterly shot down my a mother who told me she had lived her life and she was ready to devote everything to her child; she actually made me feel awful about myself that I was considering retaining ME and determined to keep my social life, passions and relationship. Some of you may disagree with me but I think she is wrong, totally and utterly!

Being a Gemini I have always been torn between extremities and motherhood has been no different! I love the whole baking, housework, sewing thang but also find myself wanting to go on girle nights out, rock out at gigs/festivals and have weekends away with my man. Trust me it IS possible!

We CAN still be rockin’ mamas while balancing our own passions. We CAN still mama it up without losing US.

I have come to believe that it is not only a capability but a necessity for all mothers, if not for themselves to retain some sanity and identity, but also for their children culture and aspirations. If your children see you having your own life, following your dreams, socialising are they not more inclined to do the same? Its just all about balancing our ‘rosy mama inclinations’ with our ‘rockin’ mama selves’!


My Vision

I started Rock and Roses Mama blog as an inspirational outlet for my beliefs of rockin’ mamahood, going that fellow awesome mamas could use it as a source of advice, motivation and support. I have only been blogging for just over two months but the response has been great so far. I am hoping that in the near future I can work with more fellow awesome mama bloggers, brands and sponsors to get the rockin’ mama voice heard on a bigger scale. I would also love for Rock and Roses Mama to banish the need for me to keep the day job and flourish into a career that I am passionate about; a career that inspires and supports.

Thank you for having me!


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