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And so, it seems we are not ready to say goodbye to this series just yet – keep them coming guys!

Thanks so much to Ursula aka Mumbelievable for submitting her intro this week. I was lucky enough to meet Ursula at BML16 and we hit it off, and stayed in touch blogger-stylee. When I read her back story, her vision and her blog-goals I was totally inspired. This is a blog with a mission to make the lives of women better. It’s pretty incredible where she’s going with her goals, she is quite franky, Mumbelievable (Yes, you are Ursula ;-)).


Hey #coolmumclubbers! I’m Ursula, but you may know me as Mumbelievable.

I live down on the south coast of England in a stunning converted barn a few minutes from a gorgeous beach on the River Hamble, with my legend of a husband and our so-smart-he-outwits-me-no-sweat three-year-old, Xav. I realise that sounds super cheesy and as though life is pretty perfect – which, for the most part, it is. I count myself very, very lucky.

The past year has been the toughest of our lives though. Tim (husband) had to have a kidney transplant last August after his kidneys failed. His illness, the surgery and the complications he has faced since – and is still battling – have taken a huge toll on all of us and it’s only now that we’re beginning to emerge from survival mode that we can appreciate the impact and trauma of it all.


One of the hardest parts for me has been having to watch my person, the one I love more than anything (other than our boy, obvs!) in the universe having to fight so hard and experience so much suffering. On the other hand, our outlook has undergone a radical transformation and I now know what it means to truly not sweat the small stuff and to appreciate the beauty of the world and of life. And that’s a wonderful lesson. It sounds a bit weird, but I wouldn’t change a thing. I feel like everything we’ve been through together has made us better and more solid. I love being able to experience everything in more colour, like I do now.

I started the blog in July 2015 as a way to make myself accountable for putting myself first a bit more and getting back into exercise; something I’d found nigh-on impossible since having Xav. He was born early and has had a huge number of challenges in his little life – but he deals with them in a true rock star fashion.


I say quite often that being Xav’s mummy is the single biggest privilege of my life, but it didn’t come naturally to me. He teaches me so much about the person I want to become for him and I love being a parent, but it’s the hardest thing I’ve ever done and will probably ever do. By the time he was about 18 months old my confidence was on the floor and I felt pretty unhappy and couldn’t really work out why.


The blog grew quite quickly (through the Facebook community mainly) and I realised pretty soon that there was actually a much larger issue to be explored; the reasons why mums find it so damn hard to prioritise their own needs. I began to explore the identity shift that happens when we have babies and how we can understand the magnitude of its implications. So I switched the blog’s direction and things just spiralled from there.

I chose my brand values: Confidence, honesty, empowerment and solidarity for mums. This is now what Mumbelievable is about. Everything I do reflects one or more of them. I love the blog and everything that it stands for, and I’m so excited about the opportunities it has opened up.

I’ve now partnered with a brilliant coaching company and we’ve developed confidence workshops for women going back to work after maternity leave or extended time out to have a family, and the pilot is happening in November.  We’ve had interest from all over the country and are working with companies to integrate it into their wellbeing programmes. We’re about to do some corporate pitches and I can’t wait to grow it and see where it goes. Our plan is to create nationwide events and an online programme early next year, so things are moving fast. Yay!

The best thing about all of this for me is the goal we’ve set: To help a million women feel the way they deserve to about themselves. Through our research we’ve learned that 82% of women feel worse about themselves now than before they had children, which I am still so shocked by. This is such a widespread problem.

My biggest hope is that Mumbelievable will help to change it by empowering mums to recognise that they’re absolutely incredible so they can live happier and become more fulfilled and successful. Who knows what they could go on to achieve if they reconnect with themselves in this way?


So that’s my mission.

I’m still juggling it around my freelance PR and events work at the moment, but my hope is that before too long it will pay its way so I can invest more time and money into growing it.

Again – cheese on toast – but I feel like this is my thing. My purpose (urgh…can’t believe I’m actually writing that) and that elusive ‘something’ that some people seem to have been lucky enough to find which sparks fire in their hearts.


The blog has given me more than I could ever have dreamed of. I’ve met the most incredible people, had the most brilliant opportunities and now the biggest benefit of all is that I’m helping women see how awesome they are. It doesn’t get better than that.

Whatever you’re doing today, I hope it’s great. Thank you for reading my ramblings.

And huge thanks to Sarah for having me on Mum Muddling Through, and for hosting the ever-brilliant #coolmumclub.

Ursula X

Website URL: http://www.mumbelievable.com
Facebook: facebook.com/mumbelievable
Instagram:  @mumbelievableuk
Twitter: twitter.com/mumbelievableuk

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23 thoughts on “#coolmumclub: Meet the members…Mumbelievable

  1. Nightclubs to Nightfeeds Reply

    Great post x

  2. Rainbows are too beautiful Reply

    Cannot believe (ha ha) I’ve not come across mumbelievable before. Just brilliant and off to follow immediately!

  3. beautybabyandme Reply

    How inspiring! I can’t wait to read more about Ursula and her family – a brilliant piece; a proper eye opener. xx #coolmumclub

  4. Back With A Bump Reply

    What a fab lady. What a year they’ve had and now she’s starting up coaching which sounds just what I need!! #coolmumclub

  5. Life Love and Dirty Dishes Reply

    Wow! Just wow! What an inspiration. And it’s true that a crisis can really bring you together and remind you of what’s important. Wishing you huge success, and your husband good health. #Coolmumclub

  6. Chilli Regina Reply

    Inspirational. You are doing a great thing here – giving women confidence, making them feel proud, happy,making them see how awesome they are. Great post. Wish all the best for your husband.

  7. Talya Reply

    Ah love Ursula and her blog fab to get to know her a bit better sending lots of #coolmumclub love!!! Xxx

  8. Ami MyMummySpam Reply

    How have I only just found Mumbelevalbe??? Ursula, you are inspirational!!!! xx

  9. alisonlonghurst Reply

    Ursula – you unmumbelievable! It’s so interesting when you say that you wouldn’t change a thing, because your husband’s illness taught you all so much about life and what’s important. You are an absolute inspiration and I feel privileged to have been introduced to you. Good luck with your amazing ventures. Alison x #coolmumclub

  10. shinnersandthebrood Reply

    What a tough year you have had, Ursula. I’m sorry. And what a wonderfully positive person you appear to be. Here’s hoping that 2017 will be easier on you all. #coolmumsclub

  11. Mumming-Up (Soon to be Untamables) Reply

    LOVE it! Firstly, its’s really interesting to read about other women’s backgrounds and how they got in to all this so this is a great series. And I love the goals and ethos of Ursula’s Mumbelievable, and she is brave and inspiring, so vital and important, I will definately be reading, because its so important that we feel good in ourselves, take time for ourselves and keep growing, so Yes! to that. Thanks for sharing Anne XXX #CoolMumClub

  12. letyourlightshinemummy Reply

    This is great, really inspirational, I’m sorry your year has been so tough, but what your doing now is so encouraging. You have great determination, thanks for sharing this. #coolmumclub

  13. Ursula (AKA Mumbelievable) Reply

    Wow. I am in bits reading all these amazing comments from all you incredible women! Am completely blown away by your support, encouragement and gorgeous words. I’m literally loving every minute of Mumbelievable, what it stands for and what it is becoming. Thank you all so, so much. And thank you to Sarah for having me and hosting the frankly EPIC #coolmumclub Xxxxxx

  14. Rhyming with Wine Reply

    I love that you have such a definite purpose for your blog and you know what you want to achieve from it. I think your determination is really inspiring and I’m convinced that what you’re doing will be a massive support for other mums. I’m coming to find and follow you now…

    Thanks for sharing MMT xx #coolmumclub

  15. tinmccarthy Reply

    Love the name- you certainly have a fan in me lady!


  16. Rachel Peachey Reply

    What an inspiration! Will definitely be checking out your blog. Thanks for sharing, it gives me a lot to think about as a new blogger – and thanks for sharing Ursula’s story, @mummuddlingthrough #coolmumclub

  17. emmerson329 Reply

    Oh wow what a lot you have been through!! I have never found this blog either but I LOVE the name and given what you have dealt with, it couldn’t be any more apt! Will be following your blog from now on. #coolmumclub

  18. Lucy At Home Reply

    Wow what a great thing to be doing for women. I’m shocked about the 82% thing – that’s so high! It sounds like your work is definitely needed, and it’s lovely to hear you being so passionate about this important work. I hope the pilots go well. #CoolMumClub

  19. Peachy Reply

    What in inspiring woman with such a strong message. I love that the dark times have shown Ursula how bright the light really is. That’s very inspiring. #coolmumclub

  20. mrsmummyharris86 Reply

    It sounds like you’ve gone through a lot recently but it’s made you stronger as a unit which is a testament to your family’s strength and that first picture of you three is super cute

  21. Sunita Reply

    So lovely to read more about your story Ursula. I’m sorry to hear your husband has been so unwell. Something so physical too. I hope he is doing OK. I know everyone’s situation is different, but I empathise as my husband has been unwell (bit now much better). You’re right about how it can turn your world upside down. I hope you have been taking care of yourself too -that’s so important.
    Your work with the coaching company is incredible. I have spent a lot of my career supporting those going back to work. I’ve loved coaching mums who are back at work. So I totally love what Mumbelievable is about. What an amazing mission. See you around at the #coolmumclub

  22. Helena Reply

    Wishing her every success with this programme. #coolmumclub

  23. pamsbakeandbabyblog Reply

    Really inspiring to read! So glad ur husband is well on the recovery road and so nice to hear someone be so humble and so positive about their life. Im very new to the blogging worls and loving it a bit more every day!

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