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I was over the moon when Lyndsey agreed to write me an intro to her blog for this series. Truth be told, I’d been hoping she’d write one for quite a while as I think she is one of the coolest Mum bloggers I’ve come across yet. There’s something about the way Muma on the edge is written that gives it a certain charm – if this Muma is on the edge, then I’m right there with her, holding her hand and ready to jump in a Thelma and Louise kinda fashion. If you haven’t come across this blog before, then please jump right in – I promise you’ll feel like you’ve known her forever…


When I was asked to take part in this series I jumped at the chance. I love taking part in #coolmumclub linky and think MMT’s posts are brilliantly written, packed with sass. So thank you so much for having me!

The trouble is, I do feel like a bit of an intruder. I have taken a quick look at the past 3 entries to this brilliant series and am having a bit of a panic; I have never been a DJ like Sunita at Lucky Things , I’m definitely not a rock chick like the uber-cool Rebecca at Rock and Roses Mama . And sadly, I am not a motivator and inspirational guru like the incredible Ursula at Mumbelivable .

This week, I’m afraid, you get me, Lyndsey, and I blog at Muma on the Edge. I have been a stay at home Muma since our first daughter was born. That’s nearly 6 years out of the workplace – which scarily is more than the amount of time I had spent IN it! I won’t bore you with the details, but let’s just say the frankly bonkers world of recruitment was not going to lend itself well to juggling motherhood. I felt I would have been failing on the work front and failing on the home front. By choosing the SAHM route I get to concentrate all of my efforts at home – but somehow have never managed to utter the phrase ‘I got this’… Bugger.


If I’m being perfectly honest I have found parenting to be a bit like trails on the Crystal maze. Totally baffling, completely frustrating, and as soon as you do work out what you are supposed to be doing with this miniature human, time has marched onto the next phase, and you have to dust yourself off and start again.

So Why blog?…

I started my blog purely because I was not nailing parenting. BUT I was finding it quite amusing. I had never really thought about writing before; I avoided English like the plague at school – I am very dyslexic and always understood that English was not to be my subject. Well, you know what, screw that, because I have discovered that I absolutely adore writing. Not only that, but I love people reading my waffle and identifying with the same parenting nightmares that I experience on a daily basis. Now when something truly bananas is going down at home I try not to lose my sh*t over it. I no longer feel like I am the only Muma in the world enduring toddler tantrums of epic proportions. Instead I storm my laptop and share it with anyone that will listen! I suppose in that respect blogging has become my therapy, and I am a far happier Muma since discovering it.

I scrutinise restaurants for their child-friendly attributes…

I also write for Restaurants Brighton which is a restaurant review platform for the Brighton area, where we live. My husband and I love eating out, it’s probably our favourite thing – is that sad?! Anyway, we momentarily lost our minds thought we’d begin a quest to discover the most child friendly restaurants and scream their names from the rooftops. Or at least my little blog! Taking our children to restaurants is always a fraught experience, but the more we do it the more wine I need better they get. Ok that last sentence isn’t strictly true. At all. But we are persevering.

It basics really isn’t it, is there a child’s menu which doesn’t just involve a fried potato? Is the loo bigger than Easyjet’s? Is there any form of entertainment other than spreading salt and pepper over the floor whilst banging massive metal folks on the table top? Simple really Mr Restaurant owner…

I had better tell you a little about ma famille…

We have 2 little girls, Darcie who is 5 and just started year 1, and Lila who will turn 3 in January. In a nutshell Darcie is a 5 going on 15. Her favourite colour is black, and she will only wear a colour palate of this shade. She was utterly horrified yesterday when the school celebrated Diwali by having a non-school uniform day – in favour of wearing bright clothes.

She: “So I’ll wear my black leggings with the grey butterflies on then”

Me: “Um no, sorry. It has to be colourful”

She: “ok” *looks thoughtful* “I’ll wear the check skirt – perfect”

Me: “yeh, that’s black, white and grey. That’s not colourful”

This went on for a while. You catch my drift. Her favourite after school activity is to watch the gymnastics after school activity. Well – at least it’s free.


As for ToddlerMonster, I don’t really know where to start without sounding like I may actually hate my own daughter which is totally not the case – I love the fact that she will grow up.

A little example of where we are at with said ToddlerMonster:

We visited Lego Land during half term (send medal). It was actually a brilliant day out, despite the fact that we were at the mercy of sweet little angelic looking Lila. If Daddy wasn’t within sight (ie, loo break) it was utter meltdown. At one point she was licking the ground. The noise – even by theme park standards – was blood curdling. I was powerless to comfort her. Instead she turned into a rod of iron and somehow managed to turn up the decibels some more. So I stood next to her while she rolled around like a crazed beast, for 20 minutes at one point while Darcie and Daddy did a ride together.

It was horrifying, and humiliating and made my face burn bright red, with tears just teetering on the edge of my lids. BUT I know that time does march on, it is ‘just a phase’ and my gorgeous year 1 chick keeps me sane. And if all else fails, I always have Isla Negra chilled.


I should really tell you a little bit about my blog

This may seem strange, but I only really have the ability to blog with humour. I find it very easy to laugh at myself, esp when I am muttering ‘I hate my life’ under my breath. It’s a sort of outer body experience. This really is the tone of my posts. I try to do sentimental, but never really manage to do it without a bit of funny. It safe to say that when someone tells me I made them laugh, it makes my day.

I’ve been loving Instagram recently and have a whole host of Memes thanks to the ridiculousness of my family life. You won’t find recipes, or impressive craft projects, furniture renovation doesn’t feature either. Nor do organisational tips or How To’s. I’m sort of an anti-house wife. But that’s ok. I’m ok with that now, after years of trying to be ‘perfect’.

I’m disorganised, pretty scatty, I tell it how it is, and LOVE to party, Like, really love to party. (I’m not talking South of France table tops, with blazing magnums you understand.) AND I love entertaining – signature dish being Sausage Surprise.

I’ll leave you with that thought…

Thanks for having me MumMuddlingThrough xxx


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