#coolmumclub: Meet the members… Mum Muddling Through

Hey guys…yep, it’s me!

As the entries for this series have dried up a little (a lot) I don’t know if this is the end of #coolmumclub Meet the Members (*sob*). Just in case we have a latecomer to the party, you can consider the door always open if any of you lovely lot fancy sending me your guest posts submission.

Meet the members has been huge. Over the last year we have said hi to THIRTY FIVE of you, and you have each had a little moment to be #1 on the linky which I hope brought you a few new followers, friends and a bit of feel good value too.

Before the series disappears into the abyss of the internet, I thought it’d only be fair to let you have a special host edition. You all told me how hard this was, and now I’m realising why!

Sorry to disappoint but there won’ be any full face selfies in this post. The closest you’re going to get is this shot, my absolute fave from #BML16 – with my ever amazing co-host Talya. That’s me on the left BTW. It may, at least help you vaguely visualise your #coolmumclub hosts, if that’s been bothering you!


So I am Sarah, Mum of two (sometimes feels like three – sorry Mr G). I live in the South East of our fair Isle of Great Britain in a glorious county called Kent. Some call it the garden of England, some call it the scum of the earth but I prefer the former. It’s perfectly situated equidistance from the coast & the capital which suits us just fine. We have some incredible beaches, countryside and are a stone’s throw from Bluewater, one of the biggest shopping malls in the UK (#HideTheBags).

The apple didn’t fall far from the tree, and I have remained in the town I was born and bred. Whilst this has it’s downsides, it does mean I am spoilt for company in the form of friends and family who fill my days and weeks with laughter, support, crazy play dates and the odd bit of drunk dancing. I’ve definitely lived, and seen the world, but in long weekends and nice holidays. Working alongside my part time studies in my early twenties allowed me to live a student lifestyle whilst building my career (and social life).


A former project manager in the Science industry, I now spend my days drinking tea, tidying up, cooking dinner and generally raising the kids. Albeit not by choice; Redundancy in my role brought me here as a stay at home parent, I have ‘made a decision’ to love it. I am trying my hardest to absorb every positive I can as I know damn well one day I’ll be at a desk, daydreaming back and wishing I was here again.

My blog was started as a pathway to regaining sanity in the insanity of being a housewife / SAHM / slave – I never expected it to be a platform to work with brands or earn any money. The latter has happened but certainly not in the way the media tells you you can earn a lucrative career in blogging (yet?!). I don’t know if I even want that anyway – I’m just muddling along, enjoying the randomness blogging brings to your life. Blogging helps me feel less like a 1950’s housewife and more like I’m sooo down with the kids. (My husband said apparently ‘Blogging’ was reported as the most sought after career in the youth of today, or something like that). See, I’m living the dream.


A lot of people describe blogging as being ‘something for them’, which I totally agree with, however lately I’ve come to see blogging as a benefit to ‘us’. Bits and bobs we have reviewed, events we have attended, and ‘freebies’ we have picked up have certainly brought some fun to the whole family. I’m still waiting to review a designer handbag…I’ll take that one ‘for me’ any day 😉 I don’t believe there is any shame in being a ‘PR friendly blogger’; the hours that go into creating and maintaining a blog are not for the faint hearted, so I  take the perks with two hands and a gracious Thank you. I get that not all bloggers dig that shizzle, but the internet is a big enough place for us all. I retain an ethical approach to reviews, in that I would never big up something I thought was a pile of pants (and yep, that has happened).


My blog remains anonymous, and I don’t broadcast the fact I blog to my ‘real life’ peeps. However, it’s also no dark secret and I have shared the fact I blog with others and even told a few people where they can find it. I have no idea who reads, which suits me fine as I like to ‘write like no one’s reading’!

I’m passionate about photography, which is nothing new, but now, through the medium of Instagram I love to share snippets of my day to day life. Always considering my kids privacy, I never share my children’s faces, which I like to think of as a challenge I can overcome in the world of successful, beautiful bloggers and their super cute kids!


If I had to describe my blog in three words they would be: Camaraderie, Honesty and Cool. The latter is something that doesn’t roll easily off the tongue (or fingertips), but being the host of the massive #coolmumclub forces me to believe every Mum can still rock that inner swag. My blogging voice, is, I am a Mum just like you – and we are all in it together. I hope to be the anti-smug-mum, winging it not nailing it and finding a new parenting challenge around every corner. That said, I don’t relish in negativity so I try and retain and undertone of happiness and love for my family in my writing. I am  the  girl Mum next door, and the online version of that Mum you met at the toddler group who was alright.


I don’t know what the future holds for the blog, or when my blogging days will be over. I would like to think the blog will remain part of my life for some time to come, even if it has to take a lower status at times. If and when I return to work, things will have to change, but I’m crossing that bridge when I come to it. I’m not entirely sure how to measure a blogs success but there is so much blogging has brought me, fun, friendship and opportunities I would never have had before.


I’ve watched the blogging scene explode in the last year with some incredible new bloggers who have amazed me with their tech-savvy, relentless approach to blogging whilst raising littles. It’s taken me a while to establish a balance that works for me, but I’m now happy with the fact I don’t immediately want to blog when I have a ‘free’ moment. That for me is a healthy approach to blogging, and I’m totes cool with it. There’s so much more I’d love to be able to do with my site, but in all honesty, I don’t really know how! Putting that off for a later date 😉


Thanks so much for all the support you guys at #coolmumclub have given Talya and I, and each other. The Thursday linky has earnt it’s place out there amongst the blogging scene, and that’s all down to the incredible content you have been linking week after week. It is quite frankly, always a pleasure, never a chore.

Until next time…



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38 thoughts on “#coolmumclub: Meet the members… Mum Muddling Through

  1. Something About Baby Reply

    Ah I love this! I so enjoy reading the posts from the Meet the Members series, and have discovered lots of really cool blogs through it – and gained lots of new followers when I was featured myself. I really admire your dedication to staying anonymous as it can’t be easy, but you do it very well (I kind of imagine you wearing a big wig a la Cia at blogging conferences so you don’t shatter the illusion) Thanks for sharing all the lovely blogs you have and I hope this isn’t the end of Meet the Members!

    1. MMT Reply

      Thank you! It was tricky at BML to remember to stop diving in all the Photos! I hope so too, but I’m sure there will be a trickle coming through – you’ll have to encourage some of your blog pals to get involved 😉 xx

    2. Abi Reply

      Popping back from #coolmumclub! I hope you’ve had a huge influx of bloggers for the series! xx

  2. Louise (Little Hearts, Big Love) Reply

    Lovely to read about you in your fab series – I love that you still live in the area where you grew up. My twin sister stayed in our home town and there is part of me that envies her for still having such close friendships with her best friends from school (who did the same!) Those three words camaraderie, honesty and cool definitely sum up your blog very well. I love how you manage to share beautiful photos and still keep your anonymity. So lovely to have been a part of the Meet the Members series too – thank you for running it 🙂

    1. MMT Reply

      Thank you Louise, I’ve always intended to do a post for the series so here it is! Thanks for all your support as always xxx

  3. Nicole - Tales from Mamaville Reply

    Lovely to read about you and MMT, Sarah. Meet the Members is a wonderful concept, bringing us Mummy Bloggers closer by getting to know the person/Mummy behind the blog. Hope it revives itself soon!
    Love reading your blog, and Talya and you are doing a fab job with CoolMumClub. Keep muddling thru;)

    PS: I too think Kent is the Garden of England. With the added touch of Bluewater;)

  4. beautybabyandme Reply

    I adore this post – it’s such a pleasure to read more about you! You’ve always been one of my absolute favourite writers, and a huge support and encouragement to me and I count you (and Tayla – Team Cool Mum Club) as a true blogging friend! I really admire your anonymity although I’m hoping I’ll meet you soon (are you going to Blogfest?) and some of the things you’ve said here have really given me something to think about. You rock! Maverick! xxx #coolmumclub

  5. thefrenchiemummy Reply

    So good to know more about you. You are intriguing if I may say. And I love Bluewater too! Haven’t been for ages… #coolmumclub

  6. Back With A Bump Reply

    This was a great post and I always love getting to know more about other bloggers. Your post was so honest about the blogger and how we don’t all become a success overnight. Far from it in fact! #coolmumclub

  7. Ashley Reply

    Ah…I just found this…site hope it sticks around! Awesome to “meet the members” and I’ve read so many great posts that remind me I’m not insane! #coolmumclub

  8. thetaleofmummyhood Reply

    A lovely, grounded post. I really enjoyed reading this. It looks like we are watch buddies – small things but I love that thing!


  9. Mum in Brum Reply

    Aw ace post Sarah! The tone of all of your posts is always bang on and I always love how you always manage to be positive without being at all smug! Shame we live miles apart – I think we’d have a lot to catch up on in those toddler groups! I’m the same as you and feel I have reached more of a balance with the blog lately and I’m okay with not writing during every spare minute. Thanks for hosting #coolmumclub and this series – it’s been great ‘getting to know’ the people behind the blogs! x #coolmumclub

  10. ljdove23 Reply

    Yayyy I loved to read a little more about you! I love the fact that you have managed to remain anonymous, I often wonder if I would write differently if nobody knew it was me, I like to think that I wouldn’t but maybe I’d throw in a few stories about my mother in law for good measure. Thank you for hosting each week, I love this linky and the Instagram tag too! #coolmumclub

  11. Chilli Regina Reply

    Hey Sarah, lovely post. So easy to read trough it and yet so powerfull.. I guess that happens when you write from your heart, doesn’t it?:) I love you and Taly, you are my look-up to bloggers, that I want to achieve..You’re so cool!:) I hope this series don’t stop (I wasn’t on it, yet btw ;))). Sometimes the best things happen, when you don’t expect anything…

    1. MMT Reply

      Would love to feature you – all you have to do is pop your submission in an e mail to me, with a few piccies. Thanks for the kind words. MWAH x

  12. motherhoodtherealdeal Reply

    Ah love this! Can’t help but always chuckle when I see that pic much #coolmumclub love xxx

  13. rainbowsaretoobeautiful Reply

    Awwh I love this series. I was made redundant about 9months after going back to work part time. I can’t stop keeping myself busy though. I think it must be nice to live in the same place, it’s not really how I’ve ever lived and think about the connections I don’t have. If the series starts up again I’d be happy to contribute xxx

  14. Sarah Reply

    Oh I love this, and especially ‘get’ the privacy aspect. As my post this week says – it’s something I struggle with a lot. Not sure what I need to do to do the meet the members thing (does that make sense?!!?), but happy to look into it? What do I need to do. Sorry this is rambling…night from HELL last night!!! #coolmumclub xx

    1. MMT Reply

      Would love to have you Sarah! All you need to do is write your post and send it to me at mummuddlingthrough@gmail.com, with a few pics if you like. SIMPLES! x Yes, I saw the tweet and thought that’s one I’d like to read! Blogging and publicity / anonymity is an interesting one. I’ve been tempted a few times but glad I stuck with it as there is no going back…

  15. The Speed Bump Reply

    Aww love this! Such a cute series, love getting to meet the people behind the blog – and now the person behind the linky! #coolmumclub

  16. Mess and merlot Reply

    Hi Sarah – lovely to hear a bit more about you and it’s great that you’ve figured out exactly what you want from your blog how to make it work for you, I think your chilled out, ‘normal’ vibe comes through perfectly- I definitely share a post-school run coffee with you 🙂 x I love this series and was so excited to take part in it, hopefully we’ll still see it pop up from time to time in the future. x #coolmumclub

  17. turningupindevon Reply

    I really enjoyed reading this and love love love ‘write like no one’s reading’ – hurrar 🙂 #coolmumclub

  18. alifeinpracticeblog.com Reply

    Ahh I also live a ‘stones throw’ from BW and in fact work there! (back to work from mat leave this weekend, booooo) Freaky! XD xx #coolmumclub

  19. anywaytostayathome Reply

    Aww I love that you’ve done your own Meet the Members, sad it’s dried up a bit though. I’ll miss it . #coolmumclub

  20. @fitttrain Reply

    So nice to get to know you! Love the open, honest and not at all “Pintrest” perfect voice you have created. It is so lovely to link up with other “cool” mum’s, and know that we are all in it together x

  21. No Manual to Mummy Reply

    Lovely little post and you sound completely the same as me. I think I need to have a root around your page because I want to share more about my little one but like you, I don’t really want to put hear face all over. It’s just something that doesn’t feel right for me, not a problem with others who do this though


  22. Amie Richards Reply

    A really lovely post! Really hope this isn’t the end of #coolmumclub

  23. rockandrosesmama Reply

    So much love for this <3 especially agree with the 'rock that inner swag'… hell yeah! You go mama! Im sad that no on seems to want to be part of this series as i love it so <3 your link and your new hashtag on IG has made me very happy so please please never ever stop those!! If you ever need any help Id love to share the love or assist in any way. <3

  24. Claire @sandbmama2015 Reply

    I really enjoyed reading this I started my blog for much the same reason. I love that you keep your blog private and your photography is great #coolmumclub

  25. New Mummy Blog Reply

    Ooooooh I hadn’t twigged you hadn’t taken part, I think I assumed you’d done one right at the start…. But thank you for staring it and for including me too! It’s interesting you say you’ve found a balance lately and don’t blog in every spare minute, I’m he same and was beginning to wonder if I was falling out of love with my blog… But sure that wasn’t the case as I have soooo many posts in drafts to finish Anyway, I hope some newbies join in and keep Meet The Members going, and thanks for hosting every week, if you ever need a hand you know where I am xx

  26. dadbloguk Reply

    Kent; a bizarre mix of the extremely ugly and the extremely beautiful…but that’s just my opinion! Although as a lover of ale the hops are essential so I’ll go with beautiful. Shame in being PR friendly? But why? I was a journalist 20 years ago and the impact the Internet and blogging has had on the industry has been immense. Seize the opportunity and go with these crazy modern ways! Thanks for hosting #coolmumclub

  27. min1980 Reply

    You know I love your blog and this was a fab read. for my sins, I have never been to Bluewater. Truly, I have never lived. Love this series. I would offer to do one if I hadn’t already! #coolmumclub

  28. Tracey Abrahams Reply

    Ah your a Kentish lass too. I spent my first 15 years of life in Kent (just outside Sevenoaks) and I think it is the most beautiful part of the counry. Whenever I take a trip home (it will always be home) my heart lifts when I see my first oast house.

  29. Helena Reply

    Sad to read that there are less people willing to be interviewed. You can interview me if you want to. Great to read your thoughts and thanks for hosting #coolmumclub

    1. MMT Reply

      Thanks Helena! It’s not so much an interview as an open platform for you to submit a post… please by all means go for it! E mail me at mummuddlingthrough@gmail.com

  30. tammymum Reply

    Oh this is brilliant it is so so nice to hear a little more about you and your story and your blogging story. Thank you for sharing it. I love your approach, it is refreshing and relaxed and definitely cool. Please don’t get rid of #meetthemembers yet I’d love to join in but never felt cool enough to write a post . So if you’ll have me, can I send you a post? Xx #coolmumclub

    1. MMT Reply

      Absolutely Tammy! We’d love to have you on the series… do it 🙂

  31. Mummy Rules Reply

    It was lovely to meet you at BritMums earlier this year Sarah! I can resonate with a lot of this – I also seem to spend my days just cooking and tidying up the mess after and generally bringing up my children and like you, I keep them anonymous on my blog which I do find limiting at times, but it’s my rule which i will stick to. And i’ve just realised i totally haven’t introduced myself to the other members despite this being one of my favourite linkeys (I’m not the most regular contributor but that’s because lately since baby has been sleeping I have valued my own sleep over writing!!). #coolmumsclub

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