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It’s always nice to get to know other bloggers, and I’m lucky enough to have met Sunita aka Lucky Things in actual real life too; before we connected online (that’s a blogging first). If there was ever a worthy candidate for being in the cool mum club, it’s Sunita. She’s a total babe, has a keen eye for fashion, can add the words DJ to her CV as well of course, totally rocking motherhood. 

So here she is – enjoy…

x MMT 

So here’s 7 things I hope are nice to know about me.
  • Why start a blog? Well, I wanted to start one about three years ago when my first was born. I let self-doubt get the better of me. Who would want to read MY blog? Why would people want to hear about stuff from me? There are so many bloggers out there…Then last Summer, the baby blues hit me big time. Luckily I knew something was wrong; I’d stopped listening to music each day! Mr.H encouraged me to start the blog as he knew having a proper creative outlet would really suit me. Lucky Things blog was properly launched about 5 months ago now. Every day it gets more and more exciting…IMG_1291
  • How do I know Talya and Sarah? I met Talya on a Friday night in Camden and asked her where she got her dress from. I met Sarah the next day as I had jumpsuit envy and so had to ask where her whole outfit was from! They were both lovely and we chatted more online. I headed to Britmums’ #BML16 not knowing anyone, leaving knowing lots of lovely bloggers. I’m so glad I went as all of the ideas and talks gave my blog and me a real kick up the backside. IMG_6623
  • What do my kids think of me? So there’s one-year old Baby Munch and three-year old Big Munch. Baby Munch loves my jokes; she finds me hilarious. This is good as my mamapower is to make my girls laugh each day. Oh and she loves my dance moves. Big Munch is a tough audience at times. She tells me off for dancing too much in the kitchen. She probably thinks I don’t wear hot pink enough. She likes it when I wear pink lipstick and asks who bought me those pink lips. They’re not collagen sweetie-pie! She does love my earrings though. Today I caught her putting on lipstick for the first time! I couldn’t get angry as she looked like the Joker, but as it was a matt MAC one it was a pain to get off! FullSizeRender (2)
  • One of my funniest moments is showing my knickers to the Queen. Don’t worry this wasn’t a recent incident, otherwise I could have been arrested. I was about 4 years old and the Queen visited our little village. I thought lifting your skirt right up was part of the whole respectful curtsey thing.
  • I’m proud of being a geek. I used to DJ and all DJs are really geeks. Now I blog and being a geek has developed helpful skills for sorting out techy stuff and being sort of organised when writing and posting stuff. Sunita & bump DJ photo 2012
  • Things haven’t always been easy for us…We did IVF for both of our girls. You can read more about our journey over on the blog, it’s quite a long one! In a nutshell, after a couple of operations, I was then told I could only do natural IVF which has lower chances of working and probably a 10% chance of it working. Somehow (we still can’t believe it to this day), we made it into that 10%. Earlier this year my husband was really ill and it turned our lives upside down. We learned a lot through that time; who are the people who will be there for you regardless, tough times do pass (eventually), and be open about getting all of the support you need. I didn’t always handle everything in the best way as it’s awful seeing your other half poorly but I’m kind of proud that as a couple we held our little family together. Somehow I managed to juggle going back to work at the same time, but I think that was good for me. Life certainly tests you when you least expect it.
  • I adore all things family. I’ve grown up with some really cool aunties (and uncles). Yesterday I saw my aunty F and she told me how I still look like that little girl she knew. Heart-melting moment for sure! Then I thought, wow, maybe that No7 Protect and Perfect Intense serum really is working!!
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