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Regular linkers at the #coolmumclub will know Emma, aka Island Living 365. Her site is beautiful, her posts are moving, funny, clever… It’s no wonder she WON the Brilliance in Blogging award in the Fresh Voice Category. I am gutted to say the one person I kept saying I still needed to grab to say hi to ALL day was Emma…and at the end, I didn’t want to seem I was mobbing her in a groupie-just-won-an-award style so I sloped off quietly. I did however give her a ridiculously loud #coolmumclub cheer from my table, alongside Talya obvs, on behalf of the #coolmumclub.

So without further ado…here she is, fresh voice blog of the moment!  



Hi, I’m Emma, or Em to my friends. I know lazy buggers can’t even be bothered to say my full name, says a lot about my choice of friends ;- ) I am an adopted Yorkshire lady exiled to Jersey.
(I’m the one with the large gob, the slightly hairier one is Mr C )


Readers of my blog will realise that I miss glorious Yorkshire with its wild moors, stunning scenery and some of the nicest people you could ever find. Yorkshire people are very proud and they have a saying

“if it ain’t in Yorkshire then it ain’t worth knowing”.

In fact see the below clip for proof of just how amazing and proud Yorkshire folk are (I apologise to any proper Yorkshire folk who may find this clip offensive ).

When I am not moaning about how much I miss Yorkshire I am whizzing around Jersey. Where is Jersey I hear you cry. A-ha, well you wouldn’t be the first person to ask that question. I asked that very question when Mr C announced that we were moving there. Jersey is in the English channel and is just 14 miles from France, we can get to St Malo on the Ferry in under an hour. We have done this once. Mr C refuses to take me back again. I think he was intimidated by my impressive ability to speak French, despite never studying it at school. On the other hand the locals did not seem impressed by my repeated mutterings of

“Mange tout, mange tout”

I digress, back to Jersey. It is a TINY 9 by 5 miles. I can drive round the whole island in under an hour! Despite it being so small there are people that have never left their tiny patch of the island. I am not joking. If you don’t believe me then watch the below.

As you can see there are some similarities between Jersey and Yorkshire folk! I might not have my views of the moors anymore but I do have my beaches, that are often deserted. Sorry, I shouldn’t gloat. If it makes you feel any better I will never be properly accepted on Jersey as I am a ‘mainlander. A proper Jersey (someone that is born on the island) is known as a ‘beanie’. I have debated masquerading as a beanie but my Essex/Yorkshire twang normally gives me away. I also pretended that I was a famous local detective – see below.

Anyway enough of the You Tube clips. Let’s just say that the locals were not fooled by my red car and then it turned out that they aren’t particularly fond of Bergerac either. John Nettles might have been partly responsible for bringing over millions of tourists but they wouldn’t let him buy one home here.

For a while I was a bit lost on my tiny rock and I was questioning who I was. I had walked away from my teaching career to become a SAHM and now I was living in a different country to my family and friends. I was also dealing with the news that two of my friends were battling cancer. Life had dealt them a pretty shitty card and here I was feeling sorry for myself. It gave me the kick up the bum I so clearly needed. I decided that I needed to find myself pronto and in order to do that I needed to write. So I started my blog in January of this year, completely clueless to the adventure it was going to take me on. I have loved every moment of blogging so far, even when the trolls come out to play. Blogging has changed my life for the better but Mr C might argue that it hasn’t changed his life for the better because our house is now a complete tip and the children are borderline feral. I joke – please don’t send the social services round. I tend to blog before the school run and then I blog on an evening, this pleases my husband because it means he gets to watch complete trash that normally has 24 hours in the title somewhere. I also love blogging because through that I have met the most supportive talented bunch of lovely people. The blogging community is fab, they have made me laugh when I have been missing home and they listened when I needed to get stuff off my chest.

So now I write Island Living 365. When I started this blog I had grand plans of making it into a lifestyle blog. In reality it has evolved into me just having a rant and natter about anything and everything. I tend to get worked up about how the government is destroying our education system and also feminism has been a regular occurrence recently but next week who knows what I might be blogging about. I should probably have a plan for my blog but I am not very good at sticking to plans. It would be amazing if I could make a little bit of money from blogging because it is always nice to get paid for what you enjoy doing. However, that isn’t why I started my blog. I started blogging to find me and I have done that. The other brilliant thing about blogging is that I might be in a different country I can still be there for my friends. At first they didn’t know I was blogging and when I finally told them they were really supportive. They now like to read my blog because they say it’s like I’m back in the room with them, shouting away.

Thanks for letting me shout at you lot too :- )



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