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This weeks #coolmumclub Meet the Members guest really needs no introduction. She’s pretty legendary on the circuit, and is one of the most savvy bloggers I’ve come across to date. Not only does she regularly link up to #coolmumclub on a Thursday whilst running her own Linky, singlehandedly, but she is also a fitness fanatic, and a cracking writer to boot. She takes no prisoners, says it how it is, and will leave you a little bit grateful you took time to read her stuff.

Trista is also the first ever blogger to send me her entire guest post, pictures, badges, text code and all in HTML making my life a hellufaload easier. She’s one slick blogger babe…


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Hello there peeps, humans, mortals, and folks! I am Trista, the mad momster behind Domesticated Momster.

Some of you may know me and read my blog, for those of you who haven’t well what the heck you waiting for??? I promise if you don’t piss yourself spit your beverage out laugh out loud at least once then I am not doing something right. Well, that depends on the post you choose to read I guess. I blog about whatever rolls into my brain which sometimes can be crazy, funny, vulgar, and sarcastic all rolled into one little ball of psycho happiness!

I literally started my blogging adventure on a whim. I had moved to a land far far away from the land I had lived in for 20+ years and became very depressed. I drove my husband crazy (we moved for his job) crying all the time about how I missed my friends and that I was losing sight of myself. I blamed him a lot and yelled at him even more because all he did was work ALL. THE. TIME. I literally had not a single person to relate to in my new surroundings.

So one day he told me I needed to find a hobby. The kids were getting older and I was coming out of the coma induced mommy fog of having 3 babies in 3 years. Yes you read that right. 3 babies in 3 years. My girls are 11 months apart. At one time I had 3 in diapers, one barely off the bottle, one on the bottle, and the other latched to my boobs. And a husband that was only home once a month for a few days.

Getting off track here…back to the hobby part…

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So here I was staring out the window one day in the office, feeling sorry for myself, when BOOM! the idea of starting a blog like literally popped into my head. I knew absolutely NOTHING about blogging. All I knew is that there was something called WordPress where you could write and post it online.

But first I had to come up with my name. And literally 5 minutes later Domesticated Momster was bought and paid for. The rest I learned by trial and error and numerous amounts of cussing and almost throwing in the towel. I actually did for several months. I started my blog in October of 2014 and somewhere around February of 2015 I decided it was either going to happen or I was going to kick the bucket close it. I am glad I made the right choice.

I have met so many wonderful people blogging. People who have real mommy issues just like me. Who’s kids are little a**holes sometimes JUST. LIKE. MINE.

I don’t think my husband realized that my blog, which was supposed to “just be a hobby”, would soon become another member of our already (at the time) 7 person family. I think there are still times that he thinks, at some point, I will grow bored with it and quit doing it. But as long as I can find the time…and I always find the time…even if it’s while walking on the treadmill…I will be blogging.

A few facts about me…

  • I was born and raised in Wyoming USA
  • I moved to Las Vegas, Nevada USA when I was 19, went to college and cosmetology school at the same time…quit college because I was making a fab income making people beautiful and I loved it! Getting paid to gossip all day ROCKS!
  • I was married once before but was told I would have to take fertility drugs to get pregnant which ended that marriage because I wanted nothing to do with fertility drugs.
  • I was in a band (lead singer) and dated the bass player for 5 years…still never got pregnant. He was lazy so I ended that relationship. He thought he was going to be a rockstar…last I knew…he was living in his mother’s basement.
  • I met my current hubby on the internet and we were pregnant, without drugs, five months after we met and then they just kept on coming. All he had to do was smile at me and I was knocked up.
  • I currently live in a town of about 6,000 people and it has it’s pros and cons.

I would love for you to come connect with me on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google+, and I also run a linky every Thurs-Sun #momsterslink that is welcome to any post old or new!

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I want to thank Sarah for giving me the opportunity to introduce myself for the fab #coolmumclub! She’s one awesome lady for taking the time out to not only come up with this idea but to follow through with it!


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