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Each of the #coolmumclub regulars means something different to me. When I think of Becky, aka Cuddle Fairy, I definitely think of her as a bit of a blogger pro…and definitely a social media guru. Her site is packed with tips on how to grow and improve your blog and online presence. I’m slightly in awe that I’m featuring her on my site…what a legend. You’ve probably seen her Linky guide popping up all over t’internet..not least of all within our standard template of the #coolmumclub. I know once upon a time (not so long ago) I was a new blogger, scrutinising it and scratching my head.

So, on behalf of the blogosphere, thank you Becky for being such a help…it’s been a treat to find out a bit more about the blogger behind that little purple fairy…


Hello, I’m Becky – the blogger behind Cuddle Fairy. I started Cuddle Fairy nearly a year ago – it went live on 27 March 2015 & changed my life.

Cuddle Fairy

I’m from upstate NY which is hours away from NYC. I’m from a little town near the countryside. I was born in NJ & always wanted to get back to the NYC area. I made the move back to NYC to attend university. While there, I met my now husband who’s Irish. After four years of dating, we decided to move to the West of Ireland to build our house & start our family. It was a huge move for me & it took about three years for me to settle into life here.


I really love living in Ireland. My husband’s family are amazing & it’s a great place to raise our kids! I’ve been a stay at home mum since having our first child. We have three now – two boys aged 8 & 6 & a little girl who just turned 3. This past January marks ten years of living in Ireland. The time has gone by so fast!

I started Cuddle Fairy for several reasons. First, I badly needed a creative outlet. I’m a creative person & I used to paint. My hobbies & interests have been put on hold since becoming a mom. I also was interested in starting a blog that I could build & develop into something I can make a living from someday.

I knew I wanted to talk about parenting – in a positive way. Things to encourage kids to be imaginative, creative, well behaved & happy. I also wanted to spread some positivity around. I have quotes on the blog & on social media. And, share some of my recipes.


What I didn’t anticipate is how the blog would get a mind of its own. Cuddle Fairy has expanded to include blogging tips, fashion, travel & lifestyle posts. I also run two linkys. Blogging keeps me very busy but I honestly love every minute of it! I didn’t anticipate how much I’d love the blogging community & running my blog.

Cuddle Fairy has given me a voice outside my home & an amazing creative outlet. It’s also introduced me to so many amazing bloggers who I now consider friends. I’m far from having it as income but still hopeful for the future.


When I’m not blogging I’m having the typical stay at home mom’s day – school runs, making & cleaning up from meals, laundry, tidying, cleaning, baking & then start it all over again the next day. I love listening to music & like pretty much all varieties. I have quite the random selection on my iPhone. I love days out with the family & can’t wait to get out of the house as I write this. We have been battling the nasty flu for three weeks now. At least, I have an escape through my blog every day.

So, that’s me! Mom – wife – blogger. Thanks for having me over MMT! xx

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