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I have lists of blogposts I  intend to write. I have lists of things I need to do this week, this month, today. I have lists of stuff I have run out of. I have lists of lists. Needless to say, when facing parenthood for the first time, I listed my way through it, and I am not alone. Meet Robina and Kirsten, two Mums who love a list even more than me – they dedicated a whole blog to it, and a rather fabulous blog it is too! 



Babylists is a collaborative blog, written by Robina and Kirsten, two first time mums from Beaconsfield who both love a good list!


We met at an NCT class when we were both massively pregnant and bonded over our love of House of Cards, cake, cluelessness about our impending parenthood, and our geeky list writing addiction.

Kirsten came up with the idea for Babylists when our babies were about 3 months old. We had managed to just about wing it through the first blurry weeks and things were becoming clear(ish). We had both taken our tiny babies abroad and packing was a nightmare. There was no helpful website which told you what to take or even pointed you in the right direction of what a baby might need for a week in the sun or an overnight stay. So, collecting the handwritten lists we still had for all our pregnancy stuff (hospital bag, nursery bits etc) we started the website.


Babylists has evolved from a collection of a few (hopefully) useful lists for parents and parents to be, into a blog of over 100 list-style posts. We try and share all our parenting experiences in a way that new and overwhelmed mums and dads can relate, have a giggle, and know that it’s ok to have a cry over your lukewarm tea and chocolate hobnob while the breast pump whirrs and the monitor is on mute.


We love writing for the site, it’s such a good creative outlet when you’re changing nappies and singing ‘If you’re happy and you know it’ all day long. Kirsten has returned to work now and Robina is a stay at home mum, but we both continue to write posts and our geeky list writing addiction isn’t going to be cured anytime soon.


In the future, we hope to reach a wider network of new parents, to expand our site as our babies grow up (they both just turned 1) and hopefully more babies come along…

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