Thinking about an AGA? You really should…

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If the sudden crispness in the mornings has your thoughts turning to autumn and winter – cosy log fires, hot chocolate, misty walks – then you might also be wondering how an AGA would change your lives.

Well. It’d change them for the better, for sure, so here’s why you should bring an AGA into your family.

Your AGA will do almost everything for you

You can flash-fry on the hotplates, slow cook a stew throughout the day in the simmering oven, bake incredibly fluffy cakes and even heat up humble ready-meals. Plus, it can dry your laundry and, of course, warm your entire home.

You’ll give it a name, so you’ll have to keep it!

Within a matter of weeks, your AGA will be part of your family. You’ll race each other to lean on it – and this includes the pets! It’ll be the first thing you turn to when you’re cold or you need to warm something else up (including the pets!) and when you order the next batch of fuel from Emo Oil you’ll tell yourself you’re feeding it.

The AGA is a classic design

It’s one of the 20th Century’s iconic designs, according to a BBC survey.

There are loads of colours to choose from

With new shades being added every year or so, you won’t have any difficulty fitting your new friend in with your existing décor, whether you’re traditional or more modern.


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The roasting oven is huge

You can roast a turkey of up to 13kg in the roasting oven, so Christmas and big festival meals are made much easier! One feature that AGA fans always mention is that flavours don’t merge into one in the AGA – an extra bonus.

Your AGA cooks differently to regular ovens

Most conventional ovens blast food with dry heat that, well, dries food out. Your AGA cooks with radiant heat which cooks more gently and keeps in moisture and flavour.

You don’t need a huge kitchen

There are two, three, four and five-oven models, so you can choose the model that fits your space best.

Your AGA is made from recycled materials

Unlike most other ovens, the AGA is – and always has been – made from recycled metals. When you install your new AGA, you’ll be amused to know that despite its stunning looks, its previous incarnation may have been an old car gearbox!

The AGA company is very big on green issues

Your AGA isn’t just made from recycled materials at the beginning of its life, it will then go on to serve you faithfully for several decades. There are many old AGAs still going strong after 40 or 50 years! Even better, when your old friend does reach the end of the line, you can send it away to be recycled again!

You can also choose your fuel

Newer models are built so that owners can have a choice of fuel – kerosene oil, gas, electricity or propane – so you can decide which option is best for you, your needs and your budget.

What are you waiting for?

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