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Over the last few years, the gallery wall trend has proven it’s not going anywhere. We have dabbled in a few different styles of gallery wall in our home and with a little help from Desenio, the blank wall in our lounge has been brought right up to 2019 style with a muddling through edge.

Our last gallery wall creation was a photo gallery, with a selection of white mish mash frame styles placed at random on a pale blue wall up our stairway. I had a lot of love for that wall, Dad Muddling Through not so much (tall wall hook hanging probs). None the less when the wall literally came down to form the new staircase as part of the loft conversion, the gallery wall came down with it.

After a dormant six months or so, the gallery was finally reinstated in a more user friendly format – picture ledges (courtesy of Ikea) in the dining room / playroom.

We’ve wanted to create a new gallery wall in the living room with a slightly different style for ages. Upon a little research and pinning, the vibe I found an affinity for was a more symmetrical gallery. I knew I wanted artwork prints as opposed to family photos, and therefore needed to find images and text which spoke to us as individuals; representing our vibe as a family.

Back in January when I had my moth tattoo, my gorgeous tattooist Alice said it reminded her of her Grandfather, a botanist. She had a sleeve tattoo in his honour which featured childhood memories of his study.

I never forgot that conversation, and the romantic image of a kind and eccentric Botanist and the things littering around his vintage work space just spoke to me.

It was with that, the inspiration for our living room gallery wall was born. The botanist’s study.

In keeping with the rest of the decor, the nine* images we chose all featured pale greens and dark wood frames, with some monochrome tones and fonts thrown in for good measure. Because what is a gallery wall of 2019 without some inspirational quotes? (In truth, we chose eight prints initially but later realised we just needed something to finish it off, and a late addition ninth print was added).

Included in the mix are Dad Muddling Throughs favourite; a Fern, my personal plant of choice, the monstera deliciosaiconic leaf. We also included a wild Ivy and a clematic bud.

The two text prints with opposing fonts and layout both have an edge of environmentalism and sustainability. I hope the words echo what we encourage our girls to live by: ‘ It’s not what we have in life but who we have in our life that matters’ and ‘Change your thoughts and you’ll change the world’. Inspiration for our mini activists of tomorrow.

To love botany is to love the pollinators, and so we accompanied the plant prints with a selection of garden visitors. A vintage drawn butterfly, dragonfly and a seven spot ladybird. I so badly wanted the bee, and the bird…but where do you stop?!

The prints we selected were all 30×40, 21×30 and 13x18cm. As a top tip, check and double check your order as I ballsed up and had one print that was mismatched to it’s frame. I also realised after delivery that I had lacked in some landscape prints which I felt were needed to balance out the shape of the gallery. Still, the combination of those two errors meant I could crop the large wording print into a landscape version. Voila. It was meant to be!

After some heated discussion about layout, I have to give it to Dad Muddling Through that he nailed the layout and the hanging, and yes, his layout was hands down better than my suggestion.

Whilst choosing our lounge gallery wall we also invested in a triple set of floral botanical prints with black frames to hang in our bedroom which was built in the loft last year. It was daunting to add more to the somewhat minimal and clean wall space, but the images finish our greaterskies print off perfectly and bring a touch of softness to the room.

One of the most surprising factors about Desenio is the value and flexibility of the prints and frames. You can tailor make your designs and swap and change prints easily and on a budget. I know we’ll be adding to our gallery wall and switching up the images as the years go by.

If you aren’t sure where to start, their virtual gallery wall builder will help you along every step of the way. Just allow yourself plenty of time as you disappear down a gallery wall rabbit hole!

Whether you’re into edgy art, colour pops, landscape photography or iconic scenes, I guarantee you will find the gallery wall perfect for you at Desenio. Get creative, have fun and fill that wall…


Paid partnership with Desenio.
Prints were gifted. All opinions are my own.
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