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Organising your family takes work. The more of you there are, the harder it can become to stay organised. There’s a lot that you have to do, and often lots of places you all have to be at different times.

Technology can be very helpful when you’re trying to stay organised, making it easier for you to keep everything in order. There are many different tools that you can find useful, helping you to automate tasks and keep everyone on track. Take a look at some of these suggestions for how you can use tech for better family organisation.

Keep Track of Locations

Have you ever wished that you had a clock like the Weasleys own in Harry Potter? Being able to tell where everyone is with one quick glance would make it a lot easier to keep track of everyone. In the absence of a magical clock, you can keep track of your family in other ways. One option is to share the locations of your phones, as long as everyone remembers to have their phone with them. You can try this advice to learn about location tracking and phone monitoring. Mobile phones also allow everyone to keep in touch and let you know where they are.

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Create a Digital Calendar

A digital calendar can be very useful if you’re trying to organise your family. There are various family calendar apps that can help you to schedule everything and let everyone know who should be doing what and when. You can even use an app like OurHome, which lets you assign chores to your children, schedule tasks and events, set reminders and keep track of everyone’s progress. There are plenty of free options for digital calendars, although some apps will offer more features if you sign up for the paid version.

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Shop Online

If you’re not already doing your shopping online, it’s something that you should start doing. This is especially true for your food shopping, which can be a lot easier if you book online instead of either dragging the kids to the shop or trying to find the time to do it alone. You can usually save your purchases so you can easily add them to your basket next time, saving you even more time. Some things, like clothes and shoes for your children, might be better bought in person, but online shopping can really help you to get organised.

Organise Your Home

The way that your home is set up can make a big difference to how organised your family is. This goes for the technology that you use in your home too. You might choose to use smart technology to make some things in your home easier. One thing to consider is how to streamline your home tech so that you don’t have to deal with lots of different remote controls or spend five minutes setting something up when you want to use it.

Get your family organised by using tech tools. With the right tools, you can save your family a lot of time.

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