Has Spring finally sprung? A Great Little Garden £125 giveaway

As the last of the snow drifts finally disappeared from our landscape here in the south east, it’s fair to say we, like everyone else in the U.K. are just DESPERATE for some warmer weather now. 

Last week we managed a couple of hours pottering around in our beloved garden, tidying away some of the dead foliage and cutting back, ready for the explosion of new life that is inevitably, hopefully, just around the corner.

For outdoor lovers like us, the winter’s novelty wore off quickly, and whilst we tried to make the most of the sunny and bright crisp winter days, the endless soggy weekends have scuppered so many plans to get the girls on their bikes, or head over to the allotment, to assess the goings on and think about preparing for a new growing season.

Tigs, full of forlorn, has been asking why we haven’t been over to her favourite place in so long, and is desperate to get back to her digging and watering, which she so fell in love with last summer.

Here in our back garden we have a few plans this year, to widen some of the borders and attempt to inject some new enriched soil, hopefully allowing some new plants to grow under the trees which we love so much.

Cutting back the trees is probably on the cards too, as they have grown and are perhaps a little overbearing on the small lawn area (as proven by the washing line now being within its branches’. The trees brought so much to the garden over the winter months, the crab apple laden with fruit now decimated by the field fares and black birds who visited each day, especially during the snow.

The lawn has also taken a bit of a battering over the winter months – bare in patches and pretty muddy and waterlogged, it could do with some TLC and seeding to take us through the summer with a healthy green looking lawn. It’s always tricky however treating it without too much chemical intervention – we have a tortoise roaming free so it’s got to be animal friendly.

Hopefully, this year I’d love to finally see some flowers on our Wisteria; the one we planted the year we became parents for the first time. It’s survived being relocated and has become an impressive feature along our out house, but we have yet to see it in it’s full lilac flowering glory.

I’ve also kept a note on my phone of some of the shrubs and plants I’ve seen along my travels, and I really want to plant up that border with some bright blue Californian Lilac, a fuschia pink Camellia (which the girls love so much) and I’m desperate to grow some Physalis Chinese lanterns too.

Camellia Debbie (4 Ltr)

Dad Muddling Through is dead set on taking the garden back to the Jurassic period and wants to get in (yet another) Tree Fern, nearer the house so it can be appreciated through the kitchen window. Plus, we’d really love to add to our tropical section of the garden; the Banana Plants and Tree Ferns hiding the trampoline looked amazing last year, and I’d love to add some huge Palms up there too.

The summer bedding plants are a must too, but I always have to remind myself that it’s too soon to get them in until ‘Exam time’, so May-ish… the times I used to escape studying and disappear off to plant up lobelia, busy lizzies and petunias all around my ground floor flats entrance.

Ultimately, it’s a waiting game – to be sure the frost is over, to feel the warmer weather, and see that sunshine return, before heading off to the garden centre, nurseries, and online plant stores to invest in those new plants for this year.


I’ve teamed up with Great Little Garden to offer my readers a £125 voucher to spend on their online gardening store, to help you on your way this summer.

Great Little Garden

Not only does Great Little Garden stock a wide range of plants, trees and shrubs, all available for home delivery, but there is also loads of gardening equipment, ornaments and outdoor living products. From wooden playhouses to barbecues, there is something for everyone and you’ll have no trouble at all spending that £125.

Maybe you could pop this little kids gardening bundle in your basket to encourage some growing from your own little gardeners?

Large Kids Gardening Bundle

Whatever you choose to spend the winnings on this spring, you have got to be in it to win it, so head over to my GIVEAWAYS page to enter, right here.

Happy Gardening!


Disclosure: This is a collaborative post

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