Negotiating the best price when renovating your kitchen

When we renovated our kitchen, the budget element was tricky to keep a handle on. In all honesty, we are pretty rubbish at DIY so outsourced every part from beginning to end, and let the project manager recruit and employ sub contractors. With two small kids under our feet we wanted to get the job done as quickly as possible and with minimal stress. Looking back, we could have clawed back enough of the overall spend to take the family on holiday or even pay for some of the finishing touches & furnishings. Hindsight is a wonderful thing isn’t it?I’m sharing some tips for negotiating the best price for your kitchen renovation, ones we probably should have used. As a big project moves forward, cash can get lost in the enormity of the overall spend, so try and keep focused on it’s real value. 


The kitchen is the single busiest and most important part of the home. Over the years, this part of the house has evolved from being a neglected shed where people cook food and dump supplies to an uplifting place where occupants can spend time in. You want your kitchen to stay amazing at all times, and you are always looking to enhance its appeal. Apart from the obvious aesthetic advantages connected to having a great kitchen, there are financial advantages too; a great kitchen is considered a good selling point of a house, so when it comes down to selling the property at some point in the future, you get some great bargaining leverage and can end up raking in thousands of pounds over your initial estimates. One of the best ways of transforming your kitchen involves renovating it, but the general fear among people is that those kinds of projects tend to be too expensive and way above their pay grade. However, there are ways you can mitigate these scenarios and make sure that your kitchen renovation does not cost over-the top-prices. Below is a look at how you can lower the figure on the check your contractor cashes in:

Start with multiple contractors on your shortlist
The biggest mistake you can ever make is going with just one person and not considering other possibilities out there. When you start off your plans with just a single name on your shortlist, you are essentially stuck with that company or person. As such, you have no leverage and they can choose to charge as much as they want, knowing too well that you don’t have any other offers in the pipeline. The best way to do it would be to find 4 or 5 qualified entities and have them discuss their plans for the renovation. You can take a look at what they have done in the past and consider their consistency in estimating the cost of previous projects. When you have heard everyone out, go around ticking the more expensive candidates off the list and zero in on that one person with a reasonable estimate and the ability to keep costs down at all times. When interviewing potential interior designers or contractors, have them know that there are other offers on the table so they know there is plenty of competition and that they are not alone in the bus. This will put them in a position where they feel the urgency to make a decision before the chance passes them by. When planning a kitchen renovation, the biggest question is how much does it cost to renovate a kitchen. is a great site to visit because it will give you an insight on how much certain things cost in terms of materials, labour and wastage.

Roll up your sleeves and do some of the work yourself
If you are able to spare the time, see if you can do some of the work yourself. We are not talking about the intense parts of the projects here; we are looking at some of the light lifting involved in kitchen renovations. If you are a good painter, grab a brush and do that part of the job on your own. If you know a thing about two about demolishing walls to create reasonable partitions, by all means go for it .By chipping in to do some of the work yourself, you are essentially taking away a lot of work from the hands of the contractor and allowing them to reduce the final price of the project. Be sure to ask them if they believe it’s safe for you to do some of these things, especially when it comes to demolitions, because those are tricky and require some delicate handling. Do not at any time take on a task that is overly complicated because 1) You might not do it right, which will waste time and lead to even more costs and unmitigated delays and 2)It might not be safe for you or the people around you.
If possible, call in some informal labour. If you have friends or relatives that happen to be unoccupied, call them in and have them lend a hand. You can get a lot done and at the same time help get the project moving along swiftly as the contractor will not be bogged down by too many responsibilities. Jobs like carrying debris from the kitchen, excavating or carrying out appliances from the room do not exactly require training.

Be creative
Think of the many ways through which you can lower the final price in a creative ways but avoid choosing a path that becomes counterproductive. For example, when it comes to cabinets, new ones will cost an arm and a leg to buy. They will also cost a lot of money to install. However, the good news is that you have an option in this case. Modular cabinets are types of cabinets that come pre-made and can stand alone. They are cheaper than the regular types and also do not need any special type of installation; they are just placed in an area of choice and left to do their work. By going modular, you save on both purchase as well as installations. Most people have serious misgivings about modular cabinets because they tend to be dull and generic. Well, that might have been true in the past, it is no longer the case. Manufacturers are now coming up with great choices when it comes to these flexible cabinets, and there is the absolute guarantee that you will get what you want as long as you take time to map things out.
Countertops are another area that cost a lot of money, but that is only if you choose to go with graphite or stone. However, ceramic tile gives you a choice, and the good news is that it can cost as little as a tenth of the cost of stone. Laminate will also get the work done, and the two materials indicated have as many colour variations as you want.
When it comes to kitchen flooring, wood is a great option, but then, it is incredibly expensive and wears down rather badly. It also costs a lot to install. To cut on related costs, simply have your contractor use plastic laminate instead.

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