Mirror Mirror in the hall

Some months back, amidst the dust and chaos of the building site that was our home, we were contacted by Exclusive Mirrors to see if we would like to review one of their exquisite mirrors for either our home or garden.

We had of course intended to add finishing touches to our new bedroom up in the extended loft space but hadn’t really given it much thought until then. It’s always somewhat tricky to plan details for a room you have never set foot in after all.

But with six weeks to go until our completion date, and a convenient estimated six week delivery time on a mirror (the mirrors are made to order), it felt like the stars had aligned and this was a collaboration we could really see ourselves in.

Having a scroll through the Exclusive Mirrors online catalogue was a little like trying to find a needle in a haystack – there are literally hundreds of exquisite mirror design and that would fit any style of room. I was drawn somewhat to the sunburst mirrors, and the garden mirrors also, but eventually I stumbled across ‘the one’ and it was love at first sight.

When we originally viewed our home back in 2011 the previous owner had a set of Canterbury arch mirrors in the hall, and I always loved their style and stature in the entrance of her, what would become our, home. Plus, with plenty of historical links back to Canterbury, Dad Muddling Through’s old stomping ground, the Canterbury Arch Mirror in Silver (£182.17) seemed the perfect mirror for our ‘new home’. A means of bouncing more light around our bedroom and a practical solution to where I can style my hair and check out my OOTD. After all, a mirror isn’t just for decoration is it?

Six weeks later and our bedroom was complete; with everything we hoped it would be and all ready for that mirror to squeeze into a spot between the bedroom and en suite bathroom doors.

Within days our package from exclusive mirrors arrived. Perfectly packed with no damage, we tentatively unwrapped the piece of art that is our new mirror. The polystyrene wrap had kept the mirror and frame in mint condition and we were over the moon with the final product.

Lighter than we imagined (perfect for plasterboard walls) yet robust and rather magnificent, we held the mirror up in the spot we had planned for it, only to find it didn’t quite fit; both in size and in feel, the mirror seemed a little crammed in between light switches and unappreciated in the loft space where only we would see it. A room already filled with light thanks to the juliet doors and two velux windows, it just didn’t seem the right spot after all.

With much discussion, we trialled the mirror on the ground floor in the dining room / play room, and eventually agreed on a perfect spot at the top of the hall.

After completion of the build, the entire hall had required redecoration and so with a fresh coat of sky blue paint with a brand new white sweeping staircase where our gallery wall once took pride of place, the upstairs landing was in need of ‘something’ striking. The mirror adds a burst of light bouncing down the stairs which can be at times a little dim  and is a really beautiful feature against the pale blue and white tones. Plus it can be appreciated by everyone who steps across our threshold.

Despite some questionable DIY experiences, Dad Muddling Through wasted no time in getting the mirror hung, and the dual tape hanging system was pretty foolproof, even if breaking into those newly plastered and painted walls broke us all out in a bit of a sweat (!). The mirror is sturdy and secure, which with two kids running around is obviously of paramount importance.

I would definitely use Exclusive Mirrors in the future if we were seeking something special for around the home, in fact, I already have my eye on one of the garden mirrors. It can be hard to find the perfect interior design piece to add that final bit of magic to a newly finished room, or even to freshen up something old, but if it’s a mirror you need, in the exclusive mirrors collection I have no doubt you will definitely find something that reflects you, right there.


Disclosure: We were gifted this mirror in exchange for an honest review.


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