Lawn Widow; Getting the grass back on track with @QVCUK and Richard Jackson

Anyone who follows my blog will be pretty familiar with our passion for all things green. Often dresses and handbags, but more often courgettes, trees, herbs, flowers and of course, the biggest feature in any green garden – our lawn.

Like many of us, the man I fell in love with has somewhat changed over the years. Once passionate about blue WKD, festivals and a Saturday Night shirt, Dad Muddling Through has a new number one passion, and it involves his grass. We often harp back to the day he walked in the house after work, right through the kitchen, out of the back door to check on his new turf before even so much of a hello to anyone else (to be fair he had grafted over it all weekend, but even still…).

After our ground floor extension, our beloved garden took quite a battering, and it took many hours (and pounds) to restore a green and lush child friendly lawn, after the garden had been used as a building site for three months. With new turf cam hours of leveling, raking, laying and watering and the hard work definitely paid off.

Over this past winter however, the grass seems to have gotten a bit battered – by the snow and the rain, by the constant churn of the kids running along the same path from door to trampoline, by weeds, moss and waterlogged patches. It’s fair to say it’s not looking its best.

We have recently tried spot patching with seed in the worst areas, but as the kids and the garden remain in heavy use, it’s barely scratched the surface of the damage of the last six months.

I was asked by QVC and their resident head gardener Richard Jackson if I would like to review some of their lawn care products, and gardening tools. Obviously, given the sad state of lawn affairs, we (or should I say he) jumped at the opportunity.

Richard Jackson's Garden

Alongside some brand new hand fork and hand trowels, and a gorgeous childrens gardening kit, we received some plant food, lawn treatment, and a hose connecting dispenser.

The plant food, and trowels have already been relocated to the allotment, and been put to good use helping get the springs weeds under control and seed ready for early summer. The girls have been happily digging away alongside us, and watering the garden with their cute metal watering can.

So this morning, I was going to set about treating the lawn with the Lawn Magic grass feed. But then I had a moment of clarity. On Monday we are expecting the arrival of those same builders who will be beginning our loft extension. I’m itching to get our lawn packed with some strengthening and fungal fighting formula, but I’m wondering if this may be a losing battle from the offset.

What I do know is that if our lawn is going to survive the next two months, it needs all the help it can get. So, laying aside the defeatist attitude, I gave the lawn a good dosing of the feed, in hope that it will give it some additional strength to make it through and come out the other side.

The three litre lawn feed comes with a hose connecting dispenser, to make dosing totally simple. It’s a pet friendly formula, so our resident hero in a half shell can roam freely with no worries – something it’s always really important to check if you have pets in your garden. It’s literally plug and play, all the dosing sorted for you when you use the correct spray settings. You have a choice of three sprays settings too, with a wide flat spray perfect for the lawn magic feed.

Only time will tell how our lawn responds to the treatment, and to the battering that is inevitable over the next few weeks but I still have plenty of treatment left, and will be ready and raring to coax the lawn back to life post build,  in time for the summer holidays, bare feet and barbeques once more.


Disclosure: We received the QVC gardening products in exchange for this honest review. All opinions are my own.

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