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As the saying goes the kitchen is the heart of the home, and many people would certainly like to believe that that is the case. Whether your kitchen is small or large you can make it the real focal point in your home.


More and more people are rediscovering their kitchens and the joy of cooking with the realisation that not only is it a great way to unwind after a long stressful day but also a great way of socialising with friends.


So when you are looking at designing your kitchen, it is important to consider its function, will you be using it purely to cook in or do you want to add a seating area as well? Whichever route you take choosing quality essentials should play an important role when it comes to the design of a new kitchen.

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From feature walls, and splashbacks to floors it is highly likely that you may consider tiles for a large area of your kitchen.  Tiles can really alter the look of a room creating the ultimate in luxury kitchens effortlessly. Source high-quality tiles, do not scrimp on the cost. If your kitchen is on the smaller side use a more neutral colour on the walls to create the illusion of a bigger room, for a splash of colour perhaps a feature wall in a bold coloured tile, as their dramatic colours will really bring your kitchen to life. When it comes to floor tiles, there are plenty to choose from, from plain colours to ones with a pattern.



Nowadays, it is easy to get the inspiration you need for any type of interior design, whether you are giving your home a makeover or you are looking for wedding reception inspo! From Instagram to Pinterest, these social media sites are a treasure trove for stunning interior design images. Take the time to have a look through them so you can get some inspiration for your new kitchen.

It could be as simple as adding in an accent colour, some artwork or a few plants – those finishing touches can make all the difference to the final overall look of your kitchen.




Appliances can be so much more than just your usual run of the mill white goods. When planning a quality kitchen, you may want to consider some of the higher end appliances on the market. Look for items that will make a statement in your kitchen like a counter depth French door style refrigerator, with its sleek lines and smooth shiny surfaces.


With so many people taking coffee very seriously nowadays a built-in coffee centre would make a great addition to any quality kitchen. Allowing you the opportunity to complete your morning coffee ritual in style or perfect for those after dinner coffees when entertaining. Combining it with a refrigerator drawer or small under the counter refrigerator would create that extra wow factor.


Convenience and ease of use

A kitchen is not just about the things that are in it; it’s also about the convenience and ease of use factor. After all, if your kitchen is a nightmare to navigate because of an awkward layout, you’re not going to enjoy being in there, even if you do have gorgeous tiles and appliances. There are other ways you can make your kitchen more convenient too. For example, you can reduce washing up with oven to table cookware, and you can invest in a dishwasher too!



In a luxury kitchen, the right lighting is essential. Great lighting and even how it is positioned can bring a wonderful ambience and at the same time depth to the room. Consider a variety of different lighting types to create maximum effect, spotlights over worktops and a statement light as a real focal point towards the centre of the room. There are so many different types of lighting to choose from, from spotlights to pendants and even modern chandelier style lights that could be mistaken for works of art that you may find it difficult to narrow your decision down to just the one.


As you can see, there is a lot that needs to be considered when improving your kitchen. However, if you take into account the critical design elements that have been mentioned above, you will go a long way to creating that stunning, show-stopping kitchen you have your heart set on.

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