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Summer, as ever, has disappeared and just like every year I am surprised by my excitement for falling leaves, darker evenings and cosy nights in. It’s so easy to forget how lovely the rich colours are, how snug it is in our big Winter coats and much we appreciate a warm drink when our hands are chilly. These feelings can be brought into our homes and the lovely MMT has very kindly lent me your ears to share some of the ways I bring this gorgeous season into my interiors:

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Seasonal Tones

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When the weather gets a little colder and the leaves on the trees change colour and fall, the time for summery dresses has come to an end. Just as the high street stores will be ushering in deeper tones with their Autumn/Winter collections so should we into our own bubble. I started this last month with an impulse buy of two rich yellow cushions from Next. I am usually horrified by the price of soft furnishings, but these were a steal at £16 and look lovely on my charcoal (read: hides most stains) sofa. The colours you incorporate don’t have to be warm either, forest greens are all the rage this season too.

Open Fire

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My mum is the queen of cosy and has just proved it with a recent purchase of two reindeer skins, which I am not sure if I approve of but they sure are soft. One aspect of her living room that I am completely on board with, is her lovely working fire place, which she is happy to light at the first signs of cold. There is nothing more inviting in a living room than a gorgeous log fire keeping you toasty, whilst bathing the room in warm flickering light. If like me, you don’t have the space or facilities for this feature, check out these fake fireplace ideas with candles that come in a very close second best.

Staying Snug

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In warmer months, our interiors will ideally look fresh and clean without the clutter of big rugs and thick woven blankets. When Autumn arrives, it is exactly these layers we want to bring in to create feelings of safety and warmth. As well as bringing out your snuggly blankets, this is the time of year to invest in cosier furnishings too as creating a welcoming home is synonymous with being comfy. It doesn’t have to involve a big purchase either, we just updated our bed shopping at an online mattress store, which means a better night’s sleep for us and at a much lower cost.

Warm Fragrances


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Ideally our houses would be rich with the smell of fresh baked cinnamon cookies whenever a visitor should call. Given that I barely manage to keep my environment clean and tidy at the best of times, this is a distant dream. So, I keep the baking for Saturdays with my niece who loves it and I’ve settled with making my own batch of fragrant tea syrup. Using Not Quite Nigella’s recipe to make chai at home, you can infuse the air with vanilla and as an added bonus have a lovely batch to keep you going throughout the week! I love it most because every time you heat it up you get another boost of Autumn spices.

Soft Light

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In summer, we want our dwelling to feel airy and bright with sunshine streaming through white linens giving everything a polished feel. When the nights begin to close in, this breeziness can become too cold and this is the time of year to bring in warmer tones to your lighting. A quick and cheap way to do this is to swap your blue tone bulbs for those with a yellowy quality giving a candle-like cosy glow. If you are ready to splash out a little more, you can opt for buying new lampshades in deep reds and rich honeys or even choose one that has a gold interior that will change the quality of light through its reflection.

Although I love long summer nights on the beach, my secret favourite is feeling extra cosy being tucked under blankets in my Autumn ready home. With these simple tips, I hope you enjoy bringing the fall into your house too! For more interior magic check our MMT’s gorgeous Antarctica themed bedroom and if you have any tips on your Autumn interior please share in the comments!

Nat is a twenty-something fashion conscious writer with an interest in all things wedding related, as well as health and beauty, interior design and a developing interest in gardening and plants. Having been married for almost four years, Nat is still running her wedding blog entitled Help! I’m Getting Married. Her other interests include family, travel, skin care advice, and cuddling her cat James.

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