GUEST POST: 11 Tools women homeowners should have in their toolbox

A well-equipped toolbox is very necessary for doing all the jobs around the home especially for women who prefer the soft work and doing it in a right way without any hesitation. Almost everything ranging from hanging a normal picture frame to repairing your furniture or even doing some handy work for home improvement requires a legitimate way or capable tools to get completed.

Having the necessary basic tools not only gives you a free mind but also it can provide you with some time management at your home. The smartest way to do this thing is by purchasing some basic tools so that it can help you out in completing your projects at home easily & comfortably.

Here are few tools that women homeowners should have in their toolbox for experiencing the DIY work at home.

Screwdriver Set

From opening the child proof compartments with battery to the prying the lids off of paints cans, the screwdrivers can be the must have tools for the women homeowners. You should always aim or the Phillips-head screwdrivers which come in different sizes. These can be purchased in kits with the magnetic/comfortable tips which are good for you to unscrew.

Claw Hammer

The hammer with one end of drive nails & another end of with pulling mechanism can be the best hammer to purchase. You can do plenty of useful tasks with the pulling part, like pulling out the nails out of wall or wood. A hammer with the 16-inch handles that weighs almost a pound can be comfortable for women to use.
Along with this thing you can make your choice for having a hammer for you from varieties of options like plastic, rubber or vinyl handles that can absorb the shock & better for the grip.

Cordless Impact Wrench

For fastening the task of tightening the screws or bolts a cordless impact wrench is the It is a convenient tool available for women homeowners. With a right amount of torque & the support of lithium batteries, these tools are handful utility to consider. Apart from that, it is light in weight & small enough to carry from one location to another.

They are also known as the air gun or torque gun that can undo the wheels nuts very quickly. It can be good for quickly twisting the bolts or nuts with the healthy support of batteries & power. The 18-volt battery powered wrenches are sufficient for your work.

It is a versatile tool specially designed to make your tasks associated with drilling the holes or driving the screws perfect & comfortable. They all are occupied with the slip clutch that can allow you to adjust the torque in a consistent way perfectly. These specially designed engineering tools can generate great impact on the surface of the nuts or bolts & making it the best-recommended tool.

The Pliers

Pliers Wrench or simply know as the pliers are very versatile in nature for doing the useful tasks. They can be useful in work which involves locking or some adjustment. The pliers can be used as the clamp, wire cutter or for other utility work.

Different varieties of pliers like level wrench pliers, vice grips pliers are comfortable for your daily routine work. A standard sized plier of 5 to 10W can be the best recommendation for women to use.

The Adjustable Wrench

The adjustable or crescent wrench is just like combining multiple wrenches in one single unit. For the work related to plumbing or tighten the nuts/bolts, an adjustable wrench is a perfect option to pick.

A Tape Measure

The famous statement “measure twice cut once” can be true for you when it comes to taking measures of useful utilities at home. A tape measure can be the ultimate thing to consider without any hesitation. For making sure that furniture can fit into the hall comfortably, you have to take proper measure with the tape measure, and in this way, you can complete your other correlated works with the help of tape measures.

The tape measures can be made available to you in different varieties of options, with easy to handle features. For most of the jobs, a 16 foot is highly recommended for you.

The Levels

A level can be the best tool for you when it comes to handling or installing something in a horizontal way. The three to four feet metal level can be the best for you to level your TV or shelves comfortably.

A Utility Knife

When it comes to kitchen area at your home, then a utility knife is the best thing to consider for the women homeowners. For opening the boxes or sharpening the useful things utility boxes can do the best for you without any hesitation. The built-in blade storage & a utility knife with rubber handles can handle comfortably the best thing to consider.

Flashlight Or Work Light

It is a kind of thing that is very much necessary for the women in case of emergency. Apart from that, you could use a dedicated LED light or a flashlight regarding working light for making sure that all your tasks like screwing, cutting, reading or doing other useful works in a comfortable yet effective way without any presence of light at your home.

Impact Driver

It is a convenient tool for powering your tasks of driving screw or grinding the items. Regarding how to choose the right tool for women, the impact driver is superior for most type of screws and and make the drilling work better and efficient. It can not only drills or drive the holes, but at a different scenario, it can do other useful work also.


The hacksaw can be a good tool for cutting out the wooden or metal sheets or even pipes for effective & precise work. After utilizing it once you can easily replace the blades associated with it for future purposes. Also an option see the Ryobi Table Saw reviews an interesting product review by ElectroSawHQ.

This list can certainly be the tool guide for you to project around your home for the home inspiration & making tasks effective.

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