Guest post: 11 amazing ideas to make your house awesome

Who wouldn’t want their house to be awesome? It’s pretty high up there on the life goals, somewhere just ahead of a Mulberry handbag and just behind having a healthy happy family and friends etc.

When we finished our home extension, and some of our smaller home projects like the bathroom there were a few bits we wished we’d planned in before it was too late. Once those building regs are signed it’s all to easy to look with hindsight and wish you’d just popped in that little special something.

This guest article by Nick is one I wish I’d read before hand – some ideas to create some pretty cool corners of your home…


We all love refurbishing our home from time to time. It is hard to live in a same, monotonous space for years and years. However, when we first start planning remodeling, it is really hard to distinguish a good idea from a bad one.
This is why we made this guide. We will show you 11 can’t-miss ideas that every homeowner should consider during renovation and redesign.

1. Create an in-ground living room
Instead of opting for a traditional living room and furniture placement, you can create a hole within your living room where sofas can be placed. This isolates the entire area and allows for better communication with your guests.
2. Gluing the pieces
Worst thing you can do is to separate furniture. By keeping them close together, you are getting much more room for other stuff and ideally optimizing your space. For example, you can surround your sofa with coffee tables or ground level book shelves.
3. Book wall
When talking about books, every person that loves reading dreamed of having a library at one point in their life. Although this is a heavy investment, you can also reserve a wall where you can place all your favorite books.
4. Utilizing area below the staircase
People usually put storage here. But, you can do much more with it. For example, you can put your work desk here. It can also be area for kids to play as they love getting into small nooks and crannies.
5. Roof windows
There is nothing better than getting a natural light. Roof windows are not only good at that but they are also a great source of heat. Sun can warm you up better than anything else so this is definitely something you should consider.
6. Windows instead of a wall
Naturally, most of us have windows in their bathroom. This is a good way to dry the room and reduce the humidity. It is also hygienic. But, if your bathroom is properly isolated, you can also consider installing a full-glass wall. As you get relaxed and accustomed to the notion, this will come as a very relaxing thing.
7. Adding dents in your bathroom walls
Bathrooms are usually suffering from lack of space. This is especially true when it comes to shower stalls. It is really hard to have soap holders and other accessories as you keep bumping into them. Luckily, you can keep your shampoos and gels in a wall dent.
8. Eco solutions
Nowadays, people prefer using eco solutions such as solar collectors and water tanks. As a homeowner, this is something you should definitely consider. If you properly position them, your solar collectors can even make your house look futuristic.
9. Sewage pumps
With that in mind, you should also consider getting a newer sewage pump. The technology has improved so much that it is really worth it to get a newer model. It can significantly cut your electricity bills.
10. Multimedia area
Area of your home should be exclusively reserved for TV and multimedia. Now, I am not talking about your living room. Instead, you should completely decorate a part of your home for this experience. If you have a spare room, you might consider even turning it into a small cinema. Another good option is installing an aerial TV by the poolside.
11. Kitchen chute
Garbage can amass easily as you prepare lunch. Tossing all this junk can be really annoying. As a way to make your job easier, you may consider adding garbage chutes in your kitchen.

With these little tips, you can quickly and easily modernize your home. Most of these designs ideas are easily to implement so, you probably won’t have any issues when it comes to time and money.

About the author: Nick Stoyanov is a pool maintenance expert at 4 Pumps Pty Ltd is Australia’s largest online pump store. 4 Pumps is an Australian company that focuses on the national distribution of its comprehensive range of quality pumping products. Nick enjoys writing about home improvement and share useful tips with the audience

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2 thoughts on “Guest post: 11 amazing ideas to make your house awesome

  1. Amanda Blackburn Reply

    Great helpful ideas! We are having an extension this year and having the whole downstairs re-designed. We used minecraft to plan, has been so much fun this way, even the children got involved with the building. Our plans have been passed so we will have a very busy year.
    Thanks for sharing!

    1. MMT Reply

      Amazing, how exciting! Pop back on Tuesday then…I’m just finishing a post about lessons learnt from our big build two years ago! x

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