Four ways to up your home’s curb appeal

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If there is one thing that most homeowners concentrate on, it’s the interior of the home. Not only will they focus on it, but they often neglect the exterior in favor of the interior. The thing is, if you’re ever in the position where you plan to sell your house, you need to be paying attention to the exterior of the house. You have to know that when people see the house from the outside that they will love what they see.

The first thing that you can do is be the buyer and stand in their shoes. Get outside the house and see whether you need to book in Exterior House Painters to get the house sorted for you before you put it up for sale. Look at the light fixtures and the roof and know whether or not you have any changes to make in the larger sense. If you are selling the house, you should consider what it would be like to be the buyer and then pick out all of the things that you want to upgrade at the front of the house. So, with that in mind, here are four ways that you can really up their curb appeal.

Petunia flowers growing in garden

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  1. Update your walkway. Look at your pathway. Are there flowers and borders? Is the paving clean and tidy? Is there lighting either side? Your walkway needs to look as if you’ve rolled out the red carpet for buyers. It should be welcoming and inviting and it should give off the impression of welcoming those with open arms to come into the property. Jazz up any plain walkways with planted flowers in pots and add some solar lighting along the way that’ll light up in the night time. You’ll be surprised with how well received your home will be when you do these tiny gestures.
  2. Update the lighting. You can swap out the whole fixtures or add more, but houses can have more than just a generic glowy porchlight. You can add class and appeal to a house with the right kind of lighting on the outside and get a little extra pizzazz on the outside of the house. Flood lights and security lights can be a bit of a turn off for buyers, but you can have them hidden under the eaves of the house and strategically placed under the guttering. You can really add so much of a welcome with the right lighting structure, too.
  3. Add flowers. From the right flowerbeds to the hanging baskets outside, adding colour is a must if you want your home to look stunning. You’ll be surprised how much upkeep goes into these, but it’s so worth it for those deep colours and a rich mulch that people love to see. Trimming the flower beds and keeping on top of the lawn is, however, a big job. It takes time to make the flowers pop like that but you can really make the front of the house pop when you choose the right flower combinations. You can cheat with ready-made flowers from the garden store, too.
  4. Add colour. Can you paint the house? Absolutely! If you don’t want to paint the house in a beautiful pastel colour, then you could paint the front porch, or even give the front door some life. Add a touch up to the colours you already have, too, and you’ll give the house a fresh new look.
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