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As our children grow and develop, they have both really started to show their strengths, their personalities and their interests. Without a doubt, our eldest daughter has an absolute affinity for all things nature and she is such a creative little soul. There isn’t a day that goes by where we don’t find drawings of trees, flowers and animals on every table, in her book bag and falling out of her pockets.

Last year we popped an old £5 Ikea mini table in her bedroom so that she could have a surface to draw and write (a new found skill since starting school) in her own space. It worked a dream and we often wake up to the sound of rustling paper as she headed straight for that desk before anyone else was awake. She created presents for us for the morning, letters to say sorry for something that happened yesterday or just be working away on her own home made ‘work’.

As the first year of school is fading away, she has grown not only in stature but in her abilities; as has her younger sister who seriously wants in on the action.

Tigs bedroom had started to feel overcrowded and cluttered. The storage in there was being used to hold junk (an huge excess of stuffed toys) and the room set-up just wasn’t working, not least because I couldn’t even open her wardrobe.

We hadn’t really considered looking into getting her a desk, but when we were contacted by Kit Out My Office to trial a home or office desk, it all clicked into place.

Having looked through their designs, we opted for an Aspire U-Clic A frame desk in the smaller width of 800. We would have loved the wider 1200mm, but the sizing just didn’t work (remember that wardrobe door) and thank goodness they have two sizes available. There are a large selection of colours and wood to choose from, but we decided to opt for the plain white with one coloured drawer.

As pink wasn’t up for grabs, we chose the blue drawer as we have a palette of white and pastels in Tigs’ room. It actually worked in our favour as it made a nice change not to automatically go for pink. The blue accent colour fits in perfectly with the palette across the painted wardrobe doors and the blues in the curtains and owl roller blind.

After hours looking at desk chairs (none of which I liked or found reasonably priced) I opted for a simple white scandi inspired eiffel tower chair – a bargain from Amazon for £27.99. Sometimes simple is best, and I think this look works really well with the white and pastel colours in the room.

The weekend before arrival we set to work rearranging, sorting and clearing the space. Although a day of blood, sweat and tears, it’s amazing how good a bit of decluttering feels given a prompt to do so. The toys were all given a new home somewhere and we made an accessible space for her toy houses just behind her cupboard doors within reach whenever she wants them.

One other key piece of prep work was to improve the view out of her window. Our extension roof comes up to below the bedroom window and there is an ugly piece of lead flashing around the Velux window – something we have talked about disguising for a really long time. Never needing much encouragement to do a bit of planting, we filled a window box with Lavender, Ivy and lilac flowers so now the view out onto the treetops is framed by a beautiful flower display.

As each piece of furniture was freed up it found a new home – the old storage box is now a cushioned seat in the Wendy house and the Mouse has her own teeny tiny drawing space in her little box room. Good job she’s petty miniscule too.

Our desk arrived on time in 4 boxes. Whilst I didn’t get involved in the build, it was opened, built and in place by the time it took to bath the kids so no complaints there. The sliding drawer is solid and has sturdy mechanisms, meaning it won’t crash out onto the floor. The perfect place to stash notebooks and diaries.

The desk has been finished off with a flower lamp (rechargeable by USB) and a white desk tidy, both bought from Amazon. Of course like many little girls, Tigs’ collection of stationery is pretty impressive and now she has a place to stash all her favourite Smiggle pen sets, away from her little sister’s mischievous fingers.

The finished effect is quite stunning and we are all over the moon with the new piece of furniture. A place for daydreaming, imagining, growing and learning. A place to be inspired by nature and soak up the sunshine as she plays. It’s honestly one of the most beautiful corners of our home, and we can’t wait to see her using it for many years to come.


Disclosure: We were sent the Uclic Aspire desk for the purpose of this honest review. All opinions are our own.

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