Creating an under the sea themed bedroom fit for a mermaid

Last year as we reshuffled bedrooms following the loft extension, decorating our old room for our daughter got pushed back to ‘next year’ because in all honesty we needed a rest from chaos.

We didn’t quite imagine we’d be diving in the first week of January, barely having 24 hours to appreciate the clean and enormous post Christmas decorations feeling.

But, sometimes you have to think less and do more, and as the Festive bedtime routine or lack of it had left our youngest in a right old mess when it came to bedtime.

Scared, needing us to be with her, waking every hour needing us back with her to get to sleep, stirring if we tried to tiptoe back out of the room. Our less than perfect sleeper seemed to have regressed to worse than she’d ever been. And that’s saying something.

So we shook up the status quo, chucked her mattress on the floor in our room (relishing the first night of all getting a full nights kip) and got stripping. Of the DIY kind, we do have two young kids after all.

I’d been messing around in my head with a under the sea theme since I was pregnant. But, never wanting to make any assumptions about the future I curbed my ideas and made do with a tasteful grey and pink forest mural. That under the sea theme has however remained an itch that needed scratching.

So, as I sketched my idea to Dad Muddling Through on the back of an envelope, I could see it coming to life, while he was wondering if I’d finally lost it.

Ten days later and the Mouse moved back in to her new deep blue bedroom. Fresh carpet, curtains, furniture, and most of all a new girl at bedtime.

Obviously this is an extreme move in getting her sleep routine better, but she definitely LOVES her room now, no question about it. 

And if you can’t have a bit of fun decorating a four year old’s bedroom, when can you?


Sea blue; You wouldn’t think that would be too tricky to pull off but let’s just say there seems to be a HUGE scope in what one person considers sea colour to another… mentioning no names Dad Muddling Through. So picking somewhere between CLEARLY GREEN and sea blue we opted for ocean horizon, a bright blue Valspar paint from B&Q with additional glitter option. DMT was overruled on that one! 

The glitter effect is subtle, but sparkly enough to make the room a little bit special and there were definitely no regrets from anyone on taking the plunge on the added extra.

We decided to skip getting the ceiling plastered as the scalloped artex actually seemed to fit pretty well…we’ll deal with that next time!


The mish mash of odds and ends all went off to be rehomed and we purchased some cheap and cheerful cube storage from Argos. Slightly smaller than the well known Ikea version, it is perfect for our littlest lady. 

As well as the cubes in x4’s and x8’s for her books and toys, which incidentally double up as bedside tables, we invested in a writing desk which nestles into the bay window perfectly. 

A place to draw, write and play, the desk has been a HUGE success. She’ll grow into it as she starts school, and we couldn’t resist but add an antique dressing mirror, making it into a dressing table for our little diva. It adds a bit of privacy from the window too.

We bought all furniture in a timeless oak shade, bringing together the bed and wardrobe tones and finally having a room that matches. #Secondchildprobs

We also invested in a rad cover from B&Q which was about £100 but transforms the ugly old radiator into a smart looking shelf – perfect to pop a load of under the sea ornaments and toys on display. You can never have enough surfaces!



We resisted the temptation to dive into mermaid print curtains, because bay window dressing doesn’t come cheap and I didn’t fancy replacing the curtains in a few years time for something more grown up. I found a bargain pair of colourful drapes in a watercolour texture, perfect for our theme, from Dunelm Mill at just £30.00. We invested in some blackout backs which were £40 but promise to block out draughts, noise, light and heat, which when you have a ropey sleeper is priceless. They were also from Dunelm and were easy to fit by hanging direct onto the same curtain hook.

And then, there was the crazy jellyfish lampshade from Japan via eBay. I was a bit worried it looked like a ghost, but she loves it so much she wanted to sleep with the light on the first few nights.


Obviously, there was only one choice and that is a sandy shade, perfect to complete the look of the sand between your toes. We have a hotline to a independent mobile carpet fitter and we would never use anyone else. 


Oh I love Google. Just a click of a button and there’s a world of options at your feet. I found the most beautiful coral bedding at a snip of £12 in the january sales from Kaleidoscope

Wall stickers

Now this really is where the whole design comes together. Over on Etsy I got totally lost in an underwater world of handpainted wall stickers of stunning seaweeds, corals, reefs and urchins.

Top tip, check out Walls Of The Wild, The Woodland Haven and Easy Sweet Home where I bought my unbelievable collections of Coral stickers. We spent about £150 but I really do believe this investment pays off in  making the room entirely unique.

Finishing touches

With the current climate in mermaid obsession, you don’t have to search too hard to pick up seashell cushions (dunelm mill £7) , rugs (Sass & Belle, £9), lobster fairy lights and other mermaid toys and accessories. We fell in love with this incredible Coral Ores Chair from Sklum and it sets off the desk perfectly.

We finished the look by hanging a selection of fish and sea creatures down from the wall, all of which were already kicking around our home. 


All in all I’m over the moon with the finished bedroom, but most important of all, the Mouse is totally in love with her new grown up space. She’s playing in there all the time, loving going to bed, and even staying asleep all night long.

It may have been the very last room in our home to see a lick of paint, but good things come to those who wait.


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