Creating a magical garden with Outdoor Festoon Lights by Elegear Lights (Ad) + discount code

Before we moved into our new home earlier this month, there were a few ideas I had kicking around which I had only dreamt of making a reality this summer.

Family barbequeues, paddling pools, and evenings in the warmth, with family under the glow of summer lighting in a new garden.

A couple of the houses we viewed (and swooned over) had some gorgeous outdoor lighting which spurred me on with the vision I hoped to create – a simple but effective Festoon light chain that did not rely on solar power and would last the test of time (unlike the solar powered fairy lights installed over our former home’s pergola).

I was contacted by Elegear who offered an opportunity to review their outdoor Festoon lighting from their homewares range, and it was a lightbulb moment…

We had just exchanged contracts and I was able to give the new address, so in fact, the day we moved in, everyone was highly entertained by the arrival of our first Amazon delivery, before we had even unpacked the kettle.

The location of the lights was up for debate, but we decided on the perfect spot to create a social area; under the shade of an old weeping birch tree which offered shelter from the heat and a magical place to be together.

Despite the shortage of garden furniture, we seemed to strike lucky on a delivery on the day of purchase from our local garden centre, and as soon as the dining set was unpacked I knew the lights were the perfect finishing touch.

The Elegear light string we were sent reach a length of 33ft and 30 individual screw in edison small light bulbs. The pack also contained three spare just in case there are any accidents or any need replacing in the short term.

Suitable for indoor or outdoor, the pack is designed to withstand year round weather and classify as a IP65 weatherproof grade. The packaging was robust and snugly secured each individual bulb in place with a foam insert – ensuring no damage in transit or storage.

With the help of a purpose built outdoor extension lead box, we were able to train the lead up the tree trunk, and weave the lights under the canopy to create a gorgeous light which sets off the foliage of the tree. By hooking over and under branches we secured the lights (and then realised each light has a hook in built).

The chain is extendable by adding up to three additional sets – something I’m contemplating to add another layer of bulbs. The end plug is currently capped with the included end cap but is ready and waiting should we decide to extend.

We did note after installation that the user guide advises against installing in trees – live or artificial, so we may have to reconsider the location going forward, which is worth knowing. We only turn our lights on when we are sitting underneath so will see how it goes…

But for now, in this heatwave, we couldn’t be happier to see our dream turn into a reality…


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Disclosure: Lights were a gift. Opinions are our own.

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