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No matter where you are in the world, if you have kids, a home is essential. It can be a mobile home, like an RV or van, or it can be a stationary home, like a house, condo, apartment, or trailer home. The type of home does not matter for the kids, because they may not know any different. Even if they have friends who live in houses, and they live in a van, the van is the “norm” for them. 

Not only is home the “norm”, it’s also a safe space, a place to return to after a long day, a shelter in which the family resides. Come to think of it, it’s really no different than the relationship between an adult and their home. It’s where your sentimental things are stored, where your pets roam, where you cook breakfast each morning, and where you hit the pillow each night. 

A child’s home will never be forgotten, so it’s important to create a home that they never want to forget!

Finding a Place to Call Home

If the type of home makes any difference for the child, it probably won’t be understood until they are adults, so pick a home that suits your lifestyle and fits into your budget. 

For example, if you are someone who is on the road frequently for work or a passion for traveling, you might just want a road-tripping-kind-of-home! Vans, RVs, Airstreams, etc. are all great options. Kids often love the thrill of spontaneity and seeing new things once they reach an appreciative age. Just be sure to check in with your child along the way! Depending on how quickly you move, it may impair their abilities to create meaningful relationships and trust. 

Maybe you are the type of person who prefers stability, deep roots, being close to family, and developing community. Houses, condos, townhomes, apartments, etc. may be in your future. You can get as specific as you want. Boutique homes, like the ones at, can be especially fun for children, who may find expansive imagination in these castle-like homes. 

The opportunity for imagination and developing dreams is truly the key to creating a kid-friendly home! If your child is old enough, you might take them with your house hunting after you have narrowed down a couple of choices. Where do you see your kids thriving? 


Children are playful, and with play, comes mess. Is your home filled with expensive collectibles or childproof decor? Fake plants that can be destroyed, or real ones that teach children how things regrow? Simple and plain colors, or pops of color that inspire various moods and forms of creativity?

These are only examples and have to be tailored to your preferences, but look deep into the set up of your home! What’s going to inspire, educate, and motivate your child? What’s going to hold them back? 

Oftentimes, children are held back by creative expansion when they are punished for “destroying” something they couldn’t have understood the value of. Place expensive items and sentiments away, for now, there will be a time and place to reunite with them if you have to tuck them completely away into storage to ensure their safety. 

Maybe you can have an “adult” room, like the office, where those items are displayed nicely on the highest shelf. Caution, this may attract your child’s curiosity! 

It’s important to also have dedicated rooms for play, such as their bedroom and/or playroom. A playroom might be filled with puzzles, games, dolls, stuffed animals, and more. 
All it takes to create a kid-friendly home is thoughtfulness. The more you keep them in mind as they age and you continue developing your space, the more opportunity they will have to expand! Also, it will make your life easier as a parent. Don’t be shy to ask them too what they might want or what they like. Your child knows themself better than you do!

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