#ColourYourPersonality What do the shades in your home say about you?

If you look around your home, do you see a trend? Colours which repeat again and again or seem to find their way into every room? I was asked by Julian Charles to take on the #ColourYourPersonality campaign to see if the shades in my life are telling more about me than I ever realised…


Since we moved into our current home, the walls have been a bit of a whitewash situation. Having lived the magnolia dream in our previous property, and in my rented digs too before that, I guess I just associate white with clean and fresh, bright and airy unlike its somewhat grubbier looking cousin Mags.

According to the Julian Charles colour my personality chart, those who opt repeatedly for white or black are content with the simple things in life, like to play it safe and opt for a sleek and simple palette in their home. The guide suggests using layering and texture to add depth to your design and avoid things looking a little flat.


Despite consistently opting for a pure white background in every room, our living areas all seem to gravitate towards green tones.

The lounge has a woodbine shade three piece suite and feature chair, with complementing accessories.

The kitchen is filled with a sprinkling of sage green accessories; radio, clock, kettle and pots. Plus some artistically placed matching stationery items in the matching tone.

Aside from soft furnishings and electrical goods, there is another green theme that runs throughout every inch of our home in the form of houseplants. Last count on the kitchen diner was nineteen living plants, eight in our bathroom and generally wherever there is a space in our home, resides a houseplant.

The kids know green is Mummy’s favourite colour as much as they know Daddy loves blue and they love pink and purple. It’s a solid known fact!

Green is after all the colour of nature, of the green fields of my home in Kent, and of the trees, plants and flowers I have always been passionate about.

Green in the home to me brings about a sense of calm, even when the mood is far from it sometimes! I especially love the mint and sage shades and these are the ones that pull me in like a magnet.

According to Julian Charles those who love green like me are loyal and patient, kind and nurturing. They also concur for green to be a calming tone around the home, and suggest those who fill their home with green aren’t looking to follow trends and will have more of a mismatch, quirky home style.


Like many of us, I’ve also fallen into the grey trend, and alongside white as a base colour (obviously) its a key colour for the roll out of the decor in our new loft extension. Grey and white tiles, bathroom accessories, blinds and curtains all make an appearance.

According to the e book, grey is a colour that represents stability, risk aversion and compromise. It’s a shade that speaks volumes about the fact you don’t want to make a bold statement, and in fact prefer to blend in to the background. Not sure my friends would agree!

What’s your colour?

Is there a tone that you’re obsessing over lately? Perhaps that mustard yellow or a peacock blue… find out what it means in the Julian Charles ebook here.

Colour your Personalityrevised-eBook


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