An underwater children’s bedroom makeover with Wallsauce wallpaper murals

*collaborative post

Back in 2014 when we revamped our nursery for daughter number two, we toyed with a couple of ideas; one being an under the sea theme and one being a silver birch tree and birds design. 

Ultimately, we opted for the latter and whilst we adored the stunning wall stickers for a few years, part of me always wished we’d gone with that other idea of an under the sea theme. For starters our daughters name is on topic, and is derived from the underwater world. Secondly, she is a real water baby, and thirdly we have all over the years showered her with sea themed trinkets and toys that would look so fabulous in a room fit for a… mermaid?

And so, with our recent house renovation completed and her being relocated to our old room, we have an opportunity to follow our dream of an underwater sanctuary, and we’ve been looking high and low for an easy (we aren’t too DIY savvy) way to transform the plain bedroom into something spectacular.

And so it happened, we were introduced to Wallsauce; the people who can make the dream happen with their vast selection of spectacular themed wallpaper murals. Customisable to the wall size, and priced by metre squared, you can literally paste one of hundreds of stunning designs onto any wall you like.

With categories spanning everything you can imagine; sports, fine art, nature, the list goes on…and on…and on… and would you believe it they have a whole category dedicated to Sea Life and Fish.

So despite being over the moon to have someone who can make this happen, we now have a decision on our hands…

I think I’m loving this ocean selfie, and I know a certain little girl who would too!!



Disclosure: This is a collaborative post


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