A place to sit, to breathe, to be… Sloane and Sons Angel Chair review

Regular readers of my blog will know that this summer we stepped into our second major renovation project in our current home. Having extended the ground floor with a kitchen diner in 2015, we had dreamed long enough of a loft extension and we decided to make it happen.

The dust has literally just settled; the last piece of carpet laid just last week and the ‘is this really our bedroom’ feeling has arrived and will be with us for a long time to come. The house is in the process of being re-jigged but in true MMT style we wasted no time in making sure everything was ‘just so’ in the quickest time possible.

We had a few grand ideas along the way; an Antarctica theme, a Velux-balcony, a solid oak parquet floor…many of the visions got blown by the reality of a budget, but we did manage to keep some of our key dream features and make them a reality.

One of these very visions which came to life was a wide opening window; a Juliet balcony, overlooking the vast expanse of trees and skies we are lucky enough to have at the rear of our property. And a very important second was a place to sit and enjoy that very view; a calming space to watch the sun rise, the fireworks and the storms roll in.

Having researched armchairs and snuggle chairs previously for our dining room, we knew finding the right seating within budget might be tricky, and so when we were invited to trial a tub chair by Sloane and Sons, we stumbled across their Angel chairs and knew we had found ‘the one’. Well, ‘the two’ to be precise.

Yellow Fabric Angel Chair Front

With a slick Scandinavian design, these chairs are a statement piece of art of their own, and their high back, bucket seat style with arm rests and button pinning was perfect for what we wanted. Smaller than an armchair but with a presence of it’s own, we agreed to collaborate on a review of the Angel chair and purchase a second one to complete the pair.

The Angel chair by Sloane and Sons comes in a wide range of colours – from nude and natural grey, beige and navy earth tones, to bright colour pops of yellow, green and orange. Having a blank canvas of white walls and oak flooring (well, Karndean to be precise, in case you were wondering), we decided to add a gentle pop of colour and decided on the Artemis Duck Egg Blue Angel Chairs.

The chairs arrived on the agreed date like clockwork and were perfectly protected in layers of card and plastic to protect them in transit. With a small amount of construction required to align and affix the Scandinavian look natural beech wood legs, we were good to go. The kids had a whale of a time and spent at least a week turning the boxes into pieces of art of their own.

The Sloane Angel chairs are as comfortable as they are stylish, and at £199 each, I feel a great value product at a competitive rate to other furniture brands on the market. They create a striking centrepiece to the room and break it up into two clearly defined sections. Certainly in the grand scheme of things, when you have spent out on a big project like this, it’s the details which go a long way in making the finished article come together. These chairs have made this loft space not just a bedroom, but a place to be alone, to be together and to enjoy it as a calm area in our often hectic toy filled home.

Despite originally planning to place a wardrobe adjacent to the seating area, the fresh and clean space is so calm and zen, we just can’t bear to clutter it up! This area offers something every parent dreams of – a sanctuary, a place for thought, quietness, peace and breathing space.

I have no doubts this will continue to become our favourite spot in the house – for that first morning coffee, to indulge in a delicious chapter of my latest read, a place for us to talk, to think and to just be.


Disclosure: We were gifted one Angel chair for the purpose of this review. All opinions are our own.


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