6 Telltale Signs You Have Rodents Hiding In Your House

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A rodent infestation is not something any homeowner wants to deal with. When any type of rodent enters your home, they go crazy and make it their own. This can lead to problems with the home itself, and they also may cause certain health problems. You see, many rodents carry diseases that can make us sick, so you don’t want to be in close contact with them!

Therefore, if you can identify the telltale signs of a rodent problem, you can react quickly to have them removed. Here are a few things to look for:

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Take a look in your attic or under kitchen cabinets to see if you notice any droppings. They can vary in size and texture, but most rodents do quite small droppings that are easy to detect. You may also smell their urine as well, and both of these things are an obvious sign that some small animal has infiltrated your home. 

As mentioned, your attic is probably the number one place to spot any rodent droppings. However, you should also consider removing skirting boards in your kitchen, as they often like to run around behind them. This is because they’re attracted to the smell of food coming from the kitchen and are eager to see what’s happening! Use a torch if you need to, but droppings really aren’t that hard to see. 

Scratching sounds

Do you detect any weird scratching sounds throughout your home? Again, you can typically hear them coming from your attic, but you may also hear them between your walls. Rodents get into all the crevices in your home, chewing and scratching their way through everything. Keep an ear open for these sounds as they tell you something is running around in your property. 

In most cases, you’ll come across these scratching sounds at night. In fact, it can be so bad that it stops you from falling asleep. When you hear any sounds, try to focus on where they’re coming from. It will make life a lot easier if you know where the rodents are hiding when you have to get rid of them. 

Collections of fruit and nuts

This sign is specific mainly to squirrels. Nevertheless, it’s very important to look for as a lot of squirrels are put under protection. So, you need to call some squirrel removal services to safely get them out of your property and into a natural habitat. If you spot any collections of fruits or nuts in your attic or on the roof of your home, it shows a squirrel is making a nest somewhere. They love collecting food like this, so be on the lookout for any of these furry critters. 

Actually, you can take things a step further and use fruit and nuts as ‘bait’ for any rodents. If you leave some near your home or possibly even in your attic, you can check to see if a rodent has come along and taken them. Those of you with patience could put some outside and look through your window to see if you spot a squirrel coming along to take the food. Then, you can watch where they go – do they take the nuts away from your house, or do they go towards it. Also, regarding the attic idea, you could set up a camera in there to see what it picks up. If you return and see all the food missing, your camera may explain what came along to take it. 

Damaged electrical goods

Have you noticed that some of the electrical items in your home have stopped working? Most notably, anything that’s built into your house and has hidden wiring? Two things that spring to mind are the dishwasher and washing machine. If they suddenly stop working, it could be a sign of a rodent problem. There’s a decent chance that a rodent has chewed through the wiring and broken this device. Have a look, and if the wire is chewed through, you now know why!

The same logic can sometimes apply to lighting in your home. Especially if one light won’t turn on, yet there haven’t been any issues with the fuses, etc. Don’t assume that every electrical problem is caused by a rodent! But, if you have your suspicions that some are hiding, and then you suffer these problems, you can pretty much put two and two together!

Holes in your property

Have you noticed any holes or cracks in your property that you swear never used to be there? Perhaps one of the vents outside your home has magically looked like it’s been chewed through? While this doesn’t necessarily mean there are rodents in your home, it does give an indication as to how some might get inside. 

Use this as evidence alongside some of the other telltale signs to confirm your fears. Let’s say you’ve spotted a few of the other signs mentioned previously, and then you inspect your property and see holes in vents or drains. It wouldn’t be out of this world to suggest that this means you have a rodent or two running around inside. You’ve spotted a potential entry point, and you will need to seal that up once the problem has been dealt with. 

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Rodent sightings near your property

Lastly, if you keep spotting lots of rodents around your property, it could be a sign of an infestation. Especially if you see them really close to your home, or scuttling around near your walls. Obviously, if you see them inside your home, that tells you they’ve found a way in! 

Similar to the previous two points, seeing a rodent near your home doesn’t instantly mean you have an infestation. For example, you can see squirrels near your property, but they might be gathering food and running to a nest in the trees. Again, you can use sightings as sort of a confirmation of your hypothesis. If you have heard strange sounds in your home, seen a few droppings, and then noticed lots of mice running around close by, it’s safe to assume that all of these things add up to a rodent problem. 

Dealing with rodents can be a real pain, but you need to know the right way to handle things. As a general rule of thumb, avoid taking any serious action yourself. You can get ultrasonic adapters that might ward them off, but if the problem persists, call the professionals to help you out. Similarly, wherever possible, try to take a humane approach. Rodents are pests, but they’re also just animals looking for somewhere safe to live. They don’t know that this is your house, and they don’t think they’re doing anything wrong. They’ve simply come here to be warm and protected!

Furthermore, after the pests have been removed, make sure you prevent them from returning. Look for any signs of entry, and seal them up. Do whatever you can to stop this from becoming a recurring problem. So many homeowners keep dealing with rodent infestations time and time again. They get rid of them, then a few months later, a new batch returns. If you aren’t changing your property and trying to make it pest-proof, this cycle will go on forever. One idea is to get a family pet that can ward off a lot of rodents. There will certainly be less chance of rats and mice coming to your home if you have a cat prowling around all the time. 

Regardless, you should hopefully have found some interesting points here that teach you how to spot a rodent infestation, and what to do afterward.

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