5 sustainable household products to reduce your carbon footprint

If there is one impulse purchase category I manage to justify to myself, it’s the products pushing the boundaries of consumerism, challenging the status quo and taking everyday single use plastic products and reinventing them.

The market for innovative eco friendly household consumables has rightly taken off in the past year or two. Consumers looking to find earth friendly alternatives to some of the high waste goods they perhaps previously couldn’t manage living without.

I’m convinced that this is the future – it’s where the next generation will be, and these ground breaking brands are just the first wave of what will become the norm. Responsible and mindful purchases which reduce or eliminate waste and give a little something back.

That’s why I’ve been so keen to give some of them a whirl. All paid for, all genuine customer reviews…

Who gives a crap toilet roll

It’s hard not to love a brand who says it like it is. Like ‘stop wiping your bum with trees’. WGAC not only use 100% recycled paper in their loo rolls but they also plough 50% of their profits into fixing the very real global problem that 40% of the human population do not have access to a toilet.

Who Gives A Crap UK

For what it’s worth the loo roll is perfectly adequate for bum wiping purposes too. It’s wrapped in an instagram friendly paper packaging with zero plastic which also doubles up as emergency wrapping paper (or crap craft material – literally).

It’s literally ALL GOOD.

SMOL laundry capsules, posted

I gotta be honest paying out for laundry gel always got my back up, and when I ended up with a whole drawer full of those dispenser balls and lids, I kind of began to see the error of my ways.

So when I stumbled across SMOL, I was attracted by both the promise of a smaller impact on the environment, but also a pretty competitive price as laundry capsules go.

Simply choose bio or non bio, and your frequency of laundry, and you’ll get your next order in perfect time. The packaging is lean and 100% recyclable and the capsules contain a significantly reduced chemical dry matter content, without compromising on performance.

I’ve been using smol for about 6 months and I am totally won over.

Friction Free Shaving

This is a new discovery for me, but having realised plastic disposable razors are a single use plastic consumable I could ditch, this popped up just at the right time.

With a solid metal handle and 100% recyclable packaging, friction free shaving is a plastic free solution.

Used blades can be sent back for recycling and redelivered on a frequency of your choosing. Unlike some other big name brands, the replacement blades don’t cost the earth. See what I did there.

Earth and friends reusable lids

My mother in law loves a disposable shower cap to pop over her salad bowl, and Earth and friends have realised the exact same concept on a more reusable basis.

These silicon lids can be placed over any sized bowl, can, container or even directly onto food (watermelon). They can be washed up and be used over and over again, eliminating the use of cling film or foil.

Earth & Friends

They last longer than a disposable shower cap too.

Iron and Velvet plastic free dissolvable cleaners

Sometimes you just find something that you wonder why it hasn’t been a huge thing already. I take your hinch narnias and I raise you one teeny tiny cardboard box containing five dissolvable sachets of cleaning solution.

Literally just pop one Iron and velvet sachet in warm water in an empty container of your choice (Get creative or raid the bins) et voila – one commercially equivalent bottle of cleaning solution with zero of the plastic waste.

I think these have to take off, they are just an outstanding example of how innovators need to think outside the box…or should that be bottle.

My only criticism? It’s that I feel frustrated that choosing sustainable, plastic free options, broadly speaking, remains a middle class solution. The prices of the earth friendly choices aren’t driving the general population to choose sustainable. Having milk delivered in a glass bottle, choosing loose fruit and veg…these things should not cost more than their cheaper, plastic counterparts.

And that, is where we need to be. Sustainability shouldn’t be elitist, it needs to be accessible to all to make an impact.


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2 thoughts on “5 sustainable household products to reduce your carbon footprint

  1. Natasha Reply

    Brilliant post, I will be looking into these items, I want to cut more plastic from my life but as you say it tends to be more expensive

  2. Claire - Life, Love and Dirty Dishes Reply

    I switched to reusable cotton pads, and period pants. I think the beauty industry is way behind when it comes to sustainablity. There are limited options. And I agree that often those options are very expensive.

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