3 ways to create a stunning garden with zero effort

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I absolutely love spending time in the garden; so much so that we pay out for a second patch of garden every year too. It’s a hobby and a place we relax and enjoy the rewards as most (certainly not all!) of our hard work pays us back in dividends year after year.

But not all of us love gardening; it’s a fact. We all understand that spending time in close proximity to nature is a great way to keep ourselves mentally healthy and to mitigate anxiety, depression and stress so whether we’re relaxing with our first coffee of the day in the garden or kicking a ball around with our kids, the garden can be a wonderful place to spend time. Not all of us have the free time to sculpt, prune, mow, weed and maintain it. After all, we live in an age where the vast majority of parents are working parents. Not just working parents but hard working parents. In an uncertain economy where the cost of living seems to skyrocket every year, many of us are working harder and for longer hours than ever before. Many working parents simply don’t have the free time to give their gardens the TLC they deserve. 


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Still, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t enjoy the mental health benefits of spending time in your garden. Here are some ways to create a beautiful garden that’s effortless and practically zero-maintenance…

Get lazy on the lawn

The lawn is the perfect place to be lazy, especially now that summer’s well and truly here. It’s the perfect place to throw down a beach towel and relax with a book and a cool drink. It’s the perfect place to snuggle with the dog or play with the kids… And you can apply the same gleeful laziness when attending to your lawn, too. We have discovered the hard way that maintaining a lawn isn’t as easy as some make it seem. Take a look at LazyLawn which gives you lush and realistic looking and feeling lawn that will never, ever need to be watered or mowed. Whether you want a lush lawn that will last a lifetime or to change your back garden into a putting range, ia LazyLawn the perfect way to do it. 

Pave the way to beauty

Want a zero-maintenance garden but don’t fancy synthetic turf? How about paving over your garden. Paving can give your garden a beautifully minimalist look and allow you a blank canvas which you can decorate with whatever furniture and plants you see fit (don’t worry, we’ll get to those later). With a good weed control membrane, a paved garden can be zero maintenance for years to come so that all you need to do is sweep or hose it down every once in a while. What’s more, there are so many different options in terms of style, colour or texture, you can create a garden that is well and truly yours, too.

Choose the right plants

Of course, paved gardens and synthetic lawns are great for a zero-maintenance space. But you still want to have some plants in order to enjoy time in your garden. But the most beautiful plants are always the highest maintenance, right? Wrong! There are many stunning and hardy perennials to choose from which will lend beauty, colour and vibrancy to your garden all year round and expect virtually nothing in return. Evergreen shrubs like holly, lavender and daphne are extremely reliable. For a splash of colour try peonies, ribbon grass or the Japanese barberry.

Any of the above is a great investment for a garden that brings you joy yet requires absolutely no effort to maintain.

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