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It’s official, the heating is on, the socks have become a daily staple again and I’ve been obsessing over coats online. It can mean only one thing…Autumn is clinging on to the last of the sunshine and frozen school runs and scraping the car is not far away.

It’s strange because for the last five years as a stay at home Mum, my winter wardrobe has consistently heavily of lary sweatshirts, jeans and Uggs. Coats and footwear have had to be school run friendly and the room temperature at home has been firmly (much to the horror of Dad Muddling Through) within my control. I swear that’s why he was so insistent on getting a HIVE put in…

But this year it’s all change. My going back to work wardrobe spree of March 2019 is now firmly unseasonable and I’m trying to pluck out the cold weather items which fit the bill for my three days in the office.


Having already figured that the outdoor temperature doesn’t necessarily reflect on the office temperature thanks to a group of people with highly varying core body temperatures, it’s all about layers.

Thin cardigans and jackets I bought to wear with pumps and jeans have made an appearance, and when opting for a full jumper a suitable underlayer always comes in handy.

Tights are taking my dresses and skirts into a new season, but I’m yet to figure out how to deal with the static issues that no one on instagram seems to ever mention.


Now as someone who has more coats than hot dinners, it amazes me that there is always scope for one more coat. But the work attire seems to be calling for a camel belted number that will keep me warm and smart during the bitter months walking from building to building for meeting.

Let’s just say it *might* have already happened. #HideTheBags


Darker daylight hours are the perfect excuse to bring colour to your wardrobe. The yellow boots will be making a firm appearance again and my favourite colour green is already edging it’s way throughout my capsule colours for this season.

Embracing the three day window of opportunity for open toe boots

There is definitely a place for the staple of black though and it’s always the perfect balance to a wild bold piece like a patterned skirt, so a black turtle neck is always to hand and keeps the freeze off this ice queen.


Certain synthetic fabrics are a big no no for me, making me all too sweaty in the warm air of a centrally heated building. There’s pretty much only one thing worse than being too cold, and that’s being too hot right?

By layering light knits and cottons you can be sure to keep things sweat free, especially if the pressure is on and the windows don’t open…


It saddens me to say goodbye to my summer shoes but alas this country is no place for my sockless toes in winter. It’s boots all the way – with dresses, with trousers, with skirts and always…with socks!

Despite being off school run duties, it’s always critical I am able to be mobile and comfortable so heels are to a minimum, blockier the better and 90% of the time, flat.

I’m embracing the idea that clothes shouldn’t be throwaway so by looking out for pieces on eBay and Depop I am doing my bit. Plus thinking carefully about pieces I buy and making sure they are really needed, not just wanted.

But having a genuine reason to need a work wardrobe, and a salary to do so is a novelty I’m kind of loving.


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