Not Going Out with @FemmeLuxe Finery (AD)

“Mummy, are you going out tonight?” my five year old grumbled as she spied me donning some new clothes, hoops and checking myself out in front of the mirror.

“No sweetie, not tonight”. (I’m actually just putting these clothes on to take photos to share on the internet, then I’ll pop back in to my joggers). Little does she realise the innocence of her question and the weirdness of our current situation of social distancing.

You see, ten days ago, when I happily agreed to review a selection of outfits from Femme Luxe, none of us could ever have imagined how quickly the worldwide pandemic would impact our lives. So, that’s kind of awkward.

But still, a deal is a deal, and in a world where we can all respect each others small businesses, the show must go on and I’m still committed to sharing the clothes, that I hope to wear outside my home some time in the future, near or far, wherever that may be.

They are also really lovely, affordable and I was pleasantly surprised about the quality vs cost. Of course I’m pretty gutted I’m all dressed up with no where to go, but this isn’t a sob story. We are where we are and we are staying put where we need to be; flattening the curve and doing our part to fight the impact of coronavirus on our health service.

So, just as I encouraged the girls to wear their favourite dresses to the end of the garden this afternoon, I think I will wear these bright new clothes regardless, to make myself smile and to remind myself I feel better when I feel nice. Because in this funny old time, it’s the small things to pick you up which go a long way.

Outfit 1: Spring chills

Never did a baggy top and leggings Mum combo feel so glam. I love the colour of this green oversized jumper (it’s actually my favourite tone), and this look is perfect for weekends, brunch (sob), and lounging too.

The side split makes the perfect pairing with a pair of wet look leggings, which I learned the hard way through previous purchases to size down to achieve the sprayed on look. I can thank my genetics for skinny calves disproportionate to my waist, and this time I nailed the sizing. This outfit would be complete with a pair of pumps, and is perfect for the chilly spring days which catch you off guard, when you are in your garden or leaving the house for essential food supplies, obvs. If the entire spring passes by then I’ll be debuting this outfit in time for Autumn, or just snuggling up in it around the house…

Outfit 2: Jeans and a nice top

As Mum style goes, there’s no better winning style than Jeans and a nice top. It’s the ultimate response to the ‘what are you wearing’ whatsapp text from the girls prior to the event which took three thousand messages to arrange.

Sadly, those nights out seem a distant memory for all of us right now, but when I can make real those cancelled plans with my friends, my family, my support network, I’ll be making up for lost time and feeling bright and colourful in this bright red organza puff sleeve top.

The ripped Mum jeans are the ultimate in flexible wear… lazing on the sofa, down the park (open air, no play area of course), venturing to Sainso’s for loo roll (one 4 pack only, if you’re lucky) or even for putting the bins out.

Of course once this shit show of a year sorts itsef out, they can be repurposed for dinner, cinema, days out with the kids and summer evenings in pub gardens with friends.

That day is coming. Hold that thought.


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