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Five weeks ago, (or was it six?), I promised myself that I would get up at my usual time each day, make a moderate effort to look and therefore feel ready for the day, despite the strange circumstances being imposed.

As my work colleagues and I prepared to work from home for the foreseeable future, we all agreed to try and continue a smart casual office friendly attire to stay in the right work headspace and be video conference ready.

And yet, despite the first enthusiastic week or two, and the odd glam up for a zoom disco yoga / quiz / bingo night, I have to confess, comfort has been the key factor in choosing my OOTD.

So even though I may have started off some days in frocks, skirts, jumpsuits or blouses, it’s only a matter of time before they have been hung on the back of a chair, returned to the wardrobe or chucked in the wash. Because… well, I’m at home guys, I just wanna feel cosy.

So I was asked by Femme Luxe to pick out a selection of seasonal looks from their collection, and it may not be my usual go to spring styles of floral prints, swishy skirts and tea dresses, but I know these loungewear picks are going to be some well worn items in the coming weeks.

The cuddle up in me dress

What I love about a dress is the total lack of waistband. Fact.

This stone coloured, ribbed, V neck, calf length dress is perfect for spring days that still have a little chill in the air. It’s the perfect feel good item to include in your loungewear staples and is a chuck on over trainers, slippers or chunky socks for a lounging look that is perfect for zoom quiz, to conference call, right through to a supermarket shop and a snuggle up on the sofa.

Quarantine in colour

Just because we are wanting all the comfy feels, doesn’t mean we have to wear grey clouds and stormy seas. If Covid-19 has taught us anything it is to loo for the rainbows, and that’s exactly the vibe I was channelling when I picked out these neon pink joggers. Teamed perfectly with an oversized slogan T shirt, this is my ‘weekend has landed’ outfit of 2020.

Joggers and T shirt

You know you have something right when your five year old tells you she loves your outfit.

Easy easy two piece lounge suit

If you are anything like me, despite the sunshine, it’s actually on and off freezing. You know, like the moment you step out of the sunshine.

I’m looking therefore for light lounging wear, long sleeves and legs to keep me covered from the chills, while I am trying as best I can to chill (whilst working and homeschooling obvs).

It comes in a range of colours, but green is my fave, and is a thin but soft woven fabric, so a different texture to actual fluffy tracksuits of the 1990s past.

All of the above are available in the Femme Luxe Finery online boutique, in the loungewear category at ridiculously affordable prices.

And with that, I might just go and make another cup of tea. Just to mix it up a bit.


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