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Defining your style isn’t really a clear cut task is it? Like most women, my fashion sense presents in varying personas depending on the occasion, the weather and my mood, but can generally be categorised into the following brackets.

  1. Going out out. Also known as ‘OMG I have NOTHING to wear’. I mean, what exactly is in fashion right now anyway? I’ve felt a bit out of the loop since the days of Morgan Tops to be honest and have always tried to wing it based on an ‘edgy’ kind of approach, or a fail safe option of something in Topshop which doesn’t make me look like I’m trying to be 18.
  2. Formal wear. The smart wear in my wardrobe is rapidly in decline given the fact that my last permanent employer waved me goodbye in 2014. Retained ‘just in case’ and literally gathering dust, the smart(ish) clobber I used to don to the office occasionally gets a day out in the event of a Christening or funeral, but in all honesty even then I’m more likely to use the occasion to sniff out something new (and a little less dusty). Maybe it’s time to throw away those Jane Norman boot cut pinstripe trousers.
  3. Fancy dress. As opposed to the obvious Fancy dress you are imagining; the Amy Winehouse being my all time classic, I like to think of fancy dress days as those days you woke up and wore something totally random to your normal everyday look,. These garments are often hanging around in your wardrobe ‘just in case’ and may find themselves worn on the school run if you regretfully woke up a) hungover b) in a power cut or c) ridiculously early and with too much time on your hands. You’ll be asked all day where you are going as you can’t possibly just be having a normal day wearing that, and by midday you’ll wonder what the hell you were thinking.
  4. Scruffbag. And then there is the fall back of the stay at home Mum. Weekend wear for some of you, or perhaps dress down Friday for others. For the most part (excluding item 3 above) it’s dress down everyday for me. Think denim, worn in converse (flip flops if el scorchio), boxy T shirt and hoodie. Pair of shades thrown in for good measure, obviously.

Needless to say one of these takes a predominant status in my wardrobe and there are no prizes for guessing which.

Ooh that was fun I haven’t made a pie chart in years.

I digress.

So, when I was asked by Salt Rock to review their range of Surf wear for Women, Men and Kids, they were definitely barking up the right tree. Let’s be fair and call the category relaxed casual, as actually, laid back doesn’t have to be scruffy.

It’s about time the rest of the fam got in on the clothing review action, and we all know the best way to dodge a #HideTheBags Spanish Inquisition is to pull out of the bag (literally), gifts for him and the kids too. #WorksEveryTime.

Salt Rock is a surfwear brand based in North Devon; started by two brothers from South Africa who were passionate about Surfing and the British coast. The guys have made the UK their home, and Salt Rock their family – they have come a long way from selling the handmade T shirts out of the back of their van on the beach, but the original ethos remains strong.

The relaxed vibe of Salt Rock is the perfect fit with our family. Whilst we aren’t surfers (yet!) we are passionate about nature, the sea, all things celestial and our earth and that is totally reflected in Salt Rocks collection.

If the clothing itself isn’t enough to get your paypal password fingers twitching, the prices will be. I have no idea if it was luck or an Eisenegger style marketing plot (Don’t remember them? Ask your Mum), but everything on the site was reduced to crazy low prices. Either way, it doesn’t really matter – with loads of 3 for 2 deals on already reduced T shirts, we couldn’t help but stock up for our British beach packed summertime of 2017. A couple of hoodies made their way into our basket too, and I’m still mulling over a few more pieces.

With free delivery over £30, and currently an offer giving away a towel with orders over £50…plus keep your eye out for the extra 10% off your first order deal (and 20% off for students), this is a site that needs to come with a warning of getting carried away. *Adds to basket*

Navigating the site was plain sailing, and our order came through in a couple of days in perfect quality. So, without further ado, here is a roundup of our epic Salt Rock Haul…to be seen on a beach near you this summer (and possibly, make that definitely, on the school run / toddler group circuit / at the park…)

For Me

Womens T Shirts and tops

Saltrock Womens Bernio - Zip Fleece Hoodie - Black Bernio – Zip Fleece Hoodie – £15

Saltrock Womens Polly - Drop Hem T-shirt - BlackPolly drop hem T shirt £12 (3for2)

Saltrock Womens Show Me The Way - Tank Tee - Silver BlueShow me the way tank tee £12 (3for2)

Saltrock Womens Cosmic Moon - Box T-shirt - WhiteCosmic Moon box T shirt £12 (3for2)

Saltrock Womens Doria Tank Tee - Total EclipseDoria Tank Tee £5


Mens T shirts

Saltrock Mens Ebke - Microfleece Lined Hoodie - BlackEbey Zip through hoodie £12.50

Saltrock Mens Mini Corp 17 - T-shirt - Grey MarlZero t shirt £12 (3for2)

Saltrock Mens Dive - T-shirt - WhiteDive T shirt £12 (3for2)

Saltrock Mens Zero - T-shirt - Mid GreyMini corp T shirt £12 (3for2)


Girls T shirts and tops

Saltrock Girls Utopia - T-shirt - PinkUtopia T shirt £5 (3for2)

Saltrock Girls Toucan - S/s Tee - EcrumarlToucan T shirt £5 (3for2)



Saltrock Girls Sea Story - T-shirt - Mid BlueSea Story T Shirt £5 (3for2)

Saltrock Girls Stay Rad - T-shirt - EcrumarlStay Rad £3

We are all so happy with our new summer wardrobes, and this little beach babe has a message for you…



Disclosure: This is a collaborative post. We reviewed Salt Rocks range of surfwear in exchange for a voucher (which, for the record, I totally overspent). All opinions are my own.


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