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Last month we saw the hottest April day on record in 70 years. After snow just a few weeks before, it really did seem like Summer had arrived and 2018 had decided not to bother with Spring at all.

Alas, we seem to have returned to the normal mixed bag of sunshine, drizzle and a baltic breeze that caught you and your bare legs off guard, but Summer is just around the corner now…

The premature hot weather of April sent everyone a bit crazy didn’t it? Into a mad panic of summer shopping, digging out sandals from under the winter boots, and a flip flop blister or two. Whilst wardrobes were being swapped around, summer uniforms dusted off and new crocs located for the kids, I had a timely delivery which had me quite literally, as cool as a cucumber.

I was contacted by Magic Linen some weeks back and asked to try out some of their clothing range. Initially unsure whether this was the right kind of style for me, there is no doubt that when we holiday in Greece this summer, a breathable outfit or two will be my best friend so I begun to browse the designs.


Actually, the style of the range at Magic Linen is entirely classic. Easy to wear designs in pretty pastels, whites and greys that would not look out of place in the window of The White Company.

Two designs stood out to me as to die for – the first was the belted jumpsuit, which I chose in a blush pink. All the styles on the site are available in one of fifteen shades. This is an outfit I reckon I could pull on a spring sunny day. It’s school run friendly and looks so comfy to wear.

The second was love at first sight. A white linen dress with a deep grey hem. Boxy in shape and with pockets. I could totally see myself rocking this look on a everyday basis, with pumps, or for a more formal occasion – lunch out with the girls. I’m adamant this year I’m going to take sun cover a little more seriously, so this is a cool yet covered look that ticks a few boxes.

7 Benefits of Wearing Linen Clothing

The sizing took a little while to figure out as it’s a european site, but as a UK 10-12 I opted for a large. I figured this is not a style you want too tight, and keeping it all about relaxed and loose fit. A bit of airflow never goes amiss in a heatwave!

My orders arrived a couple of weeks later (they travelled far!) and I was over the moon with them. At first, they looked a bit big and I was a bit worried I’d messed up that sizing after all, but actually, once on, they fitted perfectly.

Of course, one thing we all know about Linen is that you can’t be shy of the iron, so I actually dug the ironing board out to remove all those packaging lines, and the kids and hubby thought I’d lost it. It’s a rare sight in our house.

Linen of course does need a once over to look the part, and I had no problems getting the creases out with a hot setting.

The jumpsuit was first to get an outing during that little hot spell, and I got loads of compliments on my outfit. I rolled up the legs and used the belt to achieve a slouched waist and teamed with a pair of tan gladiators. So comfortable and easy to wear, this is an outfit that’s going to work hard for me and my wardrobe this summer. It could be easily dressed up for an evening with a pair of heels and accessories, and I’m in love with that colour.

Outfit number two is just going to have to wait a few more days to get christened, given that the UK finally realised it is Spring not Summer, and the April showers have arrived, if a little late. But here’s hoping this coming Mayday bank holiday will be the perfect opportunity to get the pins back out and wear my new dress.

This is a dress that could be worn by anyone of any age – it’s light and fresh, stylish yet classic. I actually could see my Mum wearing this, or even my younger sister. And seriously, who doesn’t love a dress with pockets… Plenty of give to hide the Mum tum, this is an outfit choice to wear with confidence, making you feel good to go, wherever you’re headed.

These two outfits are my first experience of wearing real linen, and I know they definitely won’t be the last. With loads of benefits such as breathability, strength, antibacterial properties (yep that’s right), comfort and softness, there’s plenty of reasons why everyone should have at least one linen outfit in their wardrobe.

That’s my excuse anyway.



Disclosure: I was sent these two linen pieces by Magic Linen for the purpose of this honest review. #WillWorkForNewClothes

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