#HideTheBags…Statement Converse; What’s your flavour?

When it comes to Mum Wardrobe essentials, a sturdy pair of pumps is a staple, and therefore a valid reason to partake in a spot of shoe shopping as required.

Whether you’re a Reebok classics, Nike Air Max, a shell toe cap or a Stan Smith kind of girl, it seems these days the bolder the better as Mums everywhere are making their mark with a pair of statement kicks. It is after all, the perfect way to bring your skinny jeans and leggings to life, add a bit of sparkle to your midi skirt, or play around with that playsuit look. It just so happens to be also highly practical for chasing small people across parks, around playgrounds and at playdates.

Personally, I am a Converse girl through and through. I’ve toyed with other styles of pumps but let’s face it, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. I love a shoe that matures with age like a fine wine, and my previous footwear of choice at a music gig has adapted perfectly well to life as a stay at home Mum. I like mine like I like my kids; a little on the grubby side, well loved and oozing with personality.

Over the years I’ve owned a fair few, but the ones I wore until they literally fell apart were the ones that always got a comment from a passer by, started a conversation and felt like one of a kind. The black leather high tops with a knitted fairisle trim, the navy woolen winter pumps and the limited edition kicks.

These days, through the power of the internet it’s ridiculously easy to find a pair of one of a kind trainers. The beauty of having an eye for the unique, is that given it’s not going to be everyone’s cup of tea, you can grab a bargain pair in the Converse Sale sections, like this fab collection I discovered through a quick search at www.LoveTheSales.com.

Which one’s are you lusting after?…

The Classic.

Simple, white, clean. These slimline versions of the classic converse trainer are my current converse of choice for summer with dresses, shorts and skinnies.

Rainbow Brite

These happy go lucky high tops can’t fail to put a spring in your step like a kids TV presenter… A limited edition for a reason, yours at a now or never price of £62 down from £124 at www.luisaviaroma.com.

Neon Botanicals

A chuck Taylor in a Neon Botanical print. Yes please, I’ll take two. £55 down to £39 at TheHut.com.

I have this thing with Stars

I mean, who doesn’t? So many things to love about them, why not have them all over your trainers to get your day shining bright. £83 down to £58. Just Saying.

Candy Crush

Okay, so officially this is a kids shoe. But have you seen the selection of kids converse out there? If you love a fun shoe I highly suggest you search the kids range. We all learnt at age fifteen that we could get cheap trainers in the kid section, and old habits die hard. £43.99 down to £26.39 at Zalando…you could even get the kids a pair too.

Club Tropicana

Oooh these ones might just be my favourite of them all. At £54.95 down to £37.95 at Bells Shoes, with free delivery, I may just have to claim I’ve had them YEARS at the back of the wardrobe (it’s not that unbelievable). I once had a coat in a similar print…these are MY converse trainers. I’m in L – O – V – E.


Rose Gold Right On Trend

There’s just something about Rose Gold that draws us in like magpies… I have to say these snakeskin sparklers would look pretty spesh on the end of any Mumas pins, and have the crowds oohing and ahhing at your sneakers as you stride down the aisles of Sainsbury’s. £59.99 down to £44.99 at Zalando…yours at the click of a button.

Scary Spice

I couldn’t NOT include an animal print in this round up could I? The trend that’s come full circle – no longer associated with Gangsters Moles and Dorian off of Birds of a Feather, this is the statement print to be seen in on the Mum circuit. It screams ‘I AM still cool’ and why the hell not. These zip ups are highly favourable for getting out of the door skills, and at £24.99 from £48.99 can I hear a “BARGAIN” please.


Messy Pup

Option one, buy a white pair of high tops and dodge the paint spills. Option two, buy the shoes pre-spilled and revel in your ingenuity.  Seriously though, these are high up there on my love list, they are awesome and belong with me. At £89 from £128 at www.luisaviaroma.com these might just have to stay pinned on my wishlist board for now.

The Coral colour pop

Somewhere between simplistic and bold, I love the colour combo of this style. Girly yet not ‘too pink’ like the shoes you tend to find in the ‘Womens section’ of any sportswear store. About as pretty as my feet are prepared to go. £29.99 from £54.99 at Loofes Clothing, in case you’re in lust.

The Heavy Duty.

If you’ve ever had a black leather version of a converse shoe then you know their worth. Winter weather resistant and an essential for the british Autumn into Winter season. These are the kind of wet weather gear I want to be seen in on the school run. Reduced to £70 from £100 at Coggles.

Crazy Daisy

Not sure if these are for me, but I do love a floral print and can imagine these working with a simple plain outfit a treat. I’ve chucked these in because I just love the print and possibilities a single style of shoe can open up.

Scummy Mummy

Inspired by the online sensations, these gold metallics have Mum life written all over them… They are just epic, and at £28 from £59.99 at Office, this scummy Mummy wants a slice of the action.

Twinning is winning

What’s a post about converse for Mums without a reference to the endless twinning possibilities. Whilst the cute effect may only last minutes as your kids feet rapidly grow out those much loved pumps… at least if you grab a bargain it’s all the more bearable. And they make a cute erm, pen holder, afterwards? Schuh scummy Mummy Mini’s down to £19.99 from £30.

Right, I’m going to have to stop here before I ramble on about the endless possibilities the guys at Converse have provided me with this post. Spots, Superman, Military, colour block, denim, embroidered, retro, lace…they are all there at the click of a button. Have fun, and #HideTheBags…


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  1. RainbowsR2Beautiful (@rainbowsaretoo) Reply

    LOVE my converse – almost the laceless ones exclusively and they are a dying breed. Going to have to stock up 😉

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