#HideTheBags; Happy valentines day to me

Self love. It’s a big thing right now isn’t it? We’ve all read about positive body image, mindfulness, celebrating ourselves as Mothers, and as Women. Learning to love yourself, it’s the greatest love of all. So, if this is true what better time to love yourself than Valentine’s day.

Why hang around for a limp bunch of overpriced flowers, or a panic supermarket bought gesture. This year, maybe you need to indulge in a little Valentine’s gifting to yours truly.

Bayswater Dbl Zip Tote

Ah, Mulberry. For me? I shouldn’t have. No really, I probably shouldn’t have. Unless your name begins with Victoria and ends in Beckham, this might just be one you struggle to justify. It’s the stuff of dreams though eh? Mulberry Bayswater Double zip tote a snip at £1,012.44. One day we’ll be together…

Maybe we need to come back down to earth and find something more realistic.

Michael Kors. Not a bad bit of arm candy for a dinner date on February 14th. Hell, I’d be happy to have this one on my arm any day of the week.

Michael large 'Elyse' hobo tote, Women's, Nude/Neutrals:

Hmm. Maybe the Elyse is still a step too far at £189.75. A bargain from it’s original £345 no less, but I don’t think we’ll be getting away with this one on a SAHM budget, no matter how good a deal it was.

Now I know us Mums love a bit of a backpack – keeping hands free is always a winner. Maybe it’s time the adventurers backpack got upgraded with something a little more classy. I’m not normally a huge fan of a ‘posh backpack’ but I love the botanical print on this Radley number… It’s currently £139.30 down from £199.

Herbarium black backpack , Black:

Still, something like this might be even more practical for those leaky sippy cups. Okay, okay it’s not as glam as some of the others but it’s a little more ‘realistic’ budget wise..

SAVANNAH MONTANA Rucksack elizabeth rose berry:

This Superdry version has another lovely botanical print, but at just a snippet of the cost this could be a tasty option. Just think of the practicalities… £19.50 down from £34.99. Gotta love a bargain.

But if it just has to be designer, you might even find something to suit your budget in the Love The Sales handbag sale…there’s something for everyone. You deserve that designer handbag of your Valentines dreams…

 Black mini faux-leather backpack charm - . -

Happy Valentines day.


All of the handbags can be found at www.LoveTheSales.com, a cracking little site if you, like me, love a bargain a little bit too much.


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