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As a ‘phase 2’ project to last years ‘Big Build‘, this spring we have focussed on getting the garden Summer ready. That meant decommissioning an unused garage, ripping up some awful patio, and creating a new area to play, and enjoy some outdoor living. Being on a budget, using a ‘find the bargain’ site like BargainBuysForBusyMums was a massive help to avoid paying full price on some outdoor toys for the kids.

Top Tip: We were quoted a small fortune to have our garage demolished and removed. At the suggestion of a friend, we put it on eBay and someone actually paid us a decent amount to come and collect it piece by piece. Worth a try?!

Having planned the new garden design, we hoped to encourage the girls to be outdoors as much as possible. With new spaces now available, we wanted to not only enjoy the outside ourselves, but see them making the most of the summertime (away from our dark living room and the endless Peppa Pig). Sure, kids can find the fun in the mud, insects, water…but a few little goodies to see us through the next few summers were definitely on the cards.

We planned a budget – and carefully ‘suggested’ to some of our parents, that instead of more indoor toys for birthdays / Christmas, that they might give some money to be put aside for the summer. With no summer babies amongst us, the garden toys often get neglected when it comes to presents, and inside our home, the toys are taking over. They didn’t mind at all – in fact they were grateful for some help in choosing the perfect gift for the kids.

So, here’s how we got on…

  1. 8ft Trampoline – We would never have been able to fit a trampoline before we removed the garage – but now, tucked into a far corner of the garden is a trampoline. Not too offensive on the eye, and offering the girls hours of fun. What I love best about this is it’s getting them active, without being a chore.Zoom Image:
  2. Winchester Play house – This was one of the top things on my list. We had a small patio area previously which was now redundant, making the perfect base for a cosy cottage. I probably love it more than the kids and have been enjoying way too much decking it out with flowers, bunting, pictures and fairy lights!Winchester_5ft_x_5ft_(1.84m_x_1.58m)_Tulip_Playhouse:
  3. Little Tikes Cozy Coupe Car – We have resisted thus far on one of this parenting classics, but we realise now our girls are like bees around honey whenever we see one. So, we invested in a simple red and yellow version. Needless to say it’s been a massive hit.Little Tikes Toys| Trikes, Bikes and Cars | ELC UK Toy Shop:
  4. Sand and Water table – Originally we intended to get a wooden picnic table version, but having realised our tiny dangermouse a)would climb into it b)would never reach the table to stand and play, we opted for a simple classic version. It has been hours of fun, and seeing the girls playing together reaffirms this was a brilliant buy.This Sand and Water Fishing Table has two play areas. The two play areas give you the choice of filling one with sand and one with water or you can fill both areas with sand or water. (Sand sold separately) Fill one side with water and you can play with the included fishing rod and catch some toy fish. They have fun using the included bucket and moulds to create master pieces in the sand area.:
  5. Slide – When it comes to slide vs swing, the slide has to take it due to it’s ability to entertain children without the requirement of adult intervention! Seemingly a toy that is never tired of, I can watch the girls going up…and down…and up…and down…for hours, okay maybe minutes…before having to intervene. More hands free for drinking Pimms.Little Tikes Easy Store Large Slide (Pink):

You can find all of these items on my pinterest board: Garden toys for kids. And, with the exception of the Play house (which I just had to include), these items can all be found on Bargains for Busy Mums site.



So there’s my top picks. If money or space was no limit, we’d install one of those epic paddling pools, maybe a hot tub, and a park-worthy play frame. But for now, with a little imagination and a gazebo, we’re all set for the summer. Come on sunshine!


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